So yeah, we're going down because they told them . Only when it's over our heads So what this all boils down to is that in the wake of their continued success, OneRepublic remembers how they were initially mistreated and considered as flukes. All They got all the right moves in all the right faces christians who did not sell there soul for fame The king of hearts is known as the suicide king. I can see where you're coming from with that. All the Right Moves Lyrics City Lights – All the Right Moves. All They said, everybody knows, everybody knows where we're going Clearly its about a conspiracy where the people of this world is led to believe something but deep in we know where we're going, down low yo! The sun is shining everyday, but it's far away Create an account with SongMeanings to post comments, submit lyrics, and more. Lyrics to All the Right Moves by OneRepublic from the Now That's What I Call Music! So yeah, we're going down Listening to the lyrics has social stratification and the spread middle class and top 1% of America. Therefore, with all these right connections and decisions, you get what you want, which is often money, which you can use to get anything you want or using it to get more connections and et cetera. my favorite is the last two verses though, it seems like they are trying to come to terms with the unpredictability of love. All the right friends in all the wrong places and we're going to be better for it, whereas your not gaining anything from pushing us down. number of things . Because of the mistreatment they're recieving, they fight back. All The Right Moves Lyrics All The Right Moves This song is by Aaron Keylock and appears on the album Cut Against The Grain (2017). So yeah, we're going down Song MeaningThis Song is about the struggle of the Weak against the Powerful, the poor against the rich. Thats baiscally saying that everybody can tell whats about to happen overall Awesome song lol i made an account just to reply on this. Whether or not its what the band actually meant, who knows? Yeah, we're going down. They said, everybody knows, everybody knows where we're going They get recommendations from the high … The music company has " all the right friend in all the right places" so there going down. Allons peindre le tableau de l'endroit parfait. All They said, everybody knows, everybody knows where we're going General Commenti think the song is about love, in general- the premise seems to be that he was with the girl before, she left him for someone else then came back, now he wants to make sure he's doing the right things to keep her. I totally agree. At last it mentions how he will never be as good as them, even if he looks like or acts like one of them. Theres so much talent and ita hard to stay one the top, so is he special enough or is he sinking in an ocean of faces. Non-lyrical content copyright 1999-2020 SongMeanings, Javascript must be enabled for the correct page display, All the right friends in all the right places. Don't wanna spend another year facing the same wall Don't wanna play another game bouncin' the same ball Don't wanna wait for that lucky break Got a feelin' someday I'm gonna make Yeah, all the right moves A lot of people that I love are gonna be a left behind … So yeah, we're going down Let's paint the picture of the perfect place. Ils ont tous les bons gestes dans tous les bons visages. I think you have a really good point and I sensed religious undertones as well. So it's all about what u think is right and about the angles who followed satan. All their friends want them to break up, and they know that however much they love each other, in the end, the society will win . Tedder is basically mocking conformity. It is the band's first single of the album for all countries except Austria and Germany, where "Secrets" serves as the first single from the new album. If you watch the media and the news the fight between the King of Hearts (red) and the Queen of Spades (blue)is apparent. (function() { So yeah, we're going down Lyrics to All the Right Moves by OneRepublic from the My Songs 2010 album - including song video, artist biography, translations and more! Other Songs Mona Lisa Pretend Wildfire External links (return to top of page) Look this artist up at: Wikipedia • Amazon • iTunes: All the Right Moves AllMusic: All the Right Moves Discogs: All the Right Moves MusicBrainz: All the Right Moves Spotify: All the Right Moves This artist page is a stub. Song meanings ©2003-2020 Log in now to tell us what you think this song means. It can be possible that rain can fall, All lyrics provided for educational purposes only. (All the right moves, hey) I think this song is about how some people in the society are way better than others. So yeah, we're going down The queen of spades is a sexual fantasy reference. I think the idea of never really getting to a certain point in the music industry is also good and ties in with your idea becuz ur idea was portryed int he music video but the song itself speaks to what some of the others mentioned. /* TFP - lyricinterpretations */ Do you think I'm nice? Yeah, we're going down. It describes people who aren't living a hard life, but want so much more and feel frustrated that they can't be at the top. Title - All The Right Moves. adunit_id: 100001411, It don't matter what you say, It says that those people are better than others cuz those people have the right connections and they do the right things and so there is a high possibility that they can never match them. The boy isn't a beggar, you know. (I feel like I went a little overboard with this. Then we'll fight for you like we were your soldiers that the bankers or wealth the I know I could never be we will be undefeated and become martrys. 'Do you think I'm special?/Do you think I'm nice?/Am I bright enough to shine in your spaces?' (Na na na nana nana...) If I could fall in love again, I'd fall in love with you. Its pretty much describing the battle between the rich, the poor, the left, the right, and the decisions that other try to make for others. :). I think the song is about two lovers. I completley agree and that is ironic cause it only got to like number 53 in the charts which is good but this song is amazing and should of atleast gotten into the top 10. i think ur just about right! Tedder explained to Digital Spy the meaning of this song: "It's kind of a self-deprecating anthem and it's about how we've felt as a band at certain times. All The Right Moves This song is by Kidz Bop and appears on the album Kidz Bop 18 (2010). I do not pick up religious overtones about being Christian or even faith, it the reality of country. Well when you have your allies together then something is about to happen. It was released to mainstream radio on September 24, 2009 and released for digital download on October 6, 2009. He is the one that is shown sticking his sword into his head. See my theory. You guys it's simple. Rain can only fall on their heads. So yeah, we're going down It sounds to me like it's about what is screwed up in the music … song: "All the Right Moves", Yeah, we're going down.' It’s his motivation song for getting up and going while he is potty training. 'They said, everybody knows, everybody knows where we're going/ It could be about their experience as a band. How things happen to create a big fight. =]. But the powerful people, people with a Powerful family background/ rich do not need to convince anyone. You can apply this to a much less lethal situation between the rich and the poor, the corrupt and the pure, and the racists vs. the colored. I know we've got it good The "I could never be as good as you" bit is mocking and sarcastic. Everybody knows where we're going. Get all the lyrics to songs by All The Right Moves and join the Genius community of music scholars to learn the meaning behind the lyrics. And the grass is getting greener each day Oooh. Even though the situation is looking good, and they are starting to success now,but they are no match for the perfect people who are eventually going to take them down. Bad things only seem to happen when they are around, so they are punished the most. No Comments; 0 Tags; You walk around in your hometown, With friends we used to know. Mae from Nashville, Tn I agree with Aaron. They said, everybody knows, everybody knows where we're going Lyrics to All the Right Moves by OneRepublic from the Waking Up album - including song video, artist biography, translations and more! Essentially when things get worse based on fear those who are in "the network" will be the ones left standing while everyone else is hanging out on fear of what others are doing. My perceived meaning of the lyrics is talking about social statification. If I did, whoops). artist: "OneRepublic", Its kind of irritating when peoplelook at the surface of a song and just see what they want to. owo), Personally, I would say that this song represents the wreck that society is today. He's working for the band, collecting payment for the performance and doing a little larceny where the opportunity presents itself. But before the rebellion can start, it's shut down. I think you totally nailed that one i agree with mostly everything u said, Yeah, i think your right. the right moves era una frase de bailar tener los movimientos de la onda estar al dia - bailes populares - bailar bien, de moda o tener talento pero en la cancion en este fragmento parece hablar de gente que o es falluta /falsa ('they have an IN' o sea son mejores preparados por conocer cierta gente ) o corrupta / tienen conecciones / mas privilegio But it cracked me right up. It’s super easy, we promise! The all the right moves in all the right places is saying events happened and now its lead up to this big conflict. All the right friends in all the right places. before anybody's knowing our name.

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