While a boss doesn't appear on the player's first visit to this area, a fight between Soma and Julius ensues here after the previously impassable black door can finally be accessed. Continue this pattern, and heal often (you're going to have to, trust me), and you'll be fine. Slay them, and head right again. Simply run left and out of this room, into the next room. Kill the foes and head to the top of the room, and then go right back to the underwater room. Reviewed in the United States on July 8, 2013. Go to the place in the Inner Quarters where if you go left into a corridor, at the end of that corridor is a warp room (which appears yellow on the map grid). Once at the bottom, you can go right or left. Then, take the platform going up in that area up to the next room above. In here, more gears, and more enemies. In this odd looking room with a wooden door in the background, go right to the large door and through that door into a boss lair. Once on the bottom of the room, you can go left into a room or go right to a body of water. Again slay all of the enemies, and this time, take the platform up to the higher level in this room, close to the save room. Climb over the crumbling floor and kill him, then grab the $2,000 bag he was guarding. When he's defeated, head all the way right through this corridor and through the door at the end into the next corridor. For Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow on the Game Boy Advance, a GameFAQs Q&A question titled "How i walk through the waterfall? Now, traverse past the platform in which we used to get up to the room above the area we were just in. Castlevania-Aria Of Sorrow. Slide under the platform to retrieve the book. Follow the series of rooms as we did earlier until you get to this area. Handicap Your Game If you enter "NOUSE" as your name, you won't be able to use any items. Head back right, through the empty corridor, and back through the door to where we fought the two Harpies and the Siren. Naturally, the Witches prove to be a harder foe overall, but nothing to worry about too much. To not jump down - we're simply adding these rooms to our map. In this room, again add it all to your map while getting another $500 bag located at the top of the screen. The sword is called the Cutall, and it's significantly weaker than the Hammer you already have equipped. Aria of Sorrow is cool because it lets you pick where you want to teleport to, and that rules. This room is our inevitable goal (but if you want to save your game and heal, there's a save room two rooms over - you'll have to fight a pesky Disc Armor in your way though). Then, go right past the boss room into the room adjacent. Soul Collection - My Take". This time, the Headhunter takes on his true form - a lizard/dragon-like creature with a real need for blood. Once that's added, take the floating platform back up to the previous corridor, where the Kicker Skeleton will have returned. You can either climb up the platforms and go through the ceiling up to the room above, or go left into the adjacent room. Here, before going down, jump over the gap and go right into the small adjacent room. As there was in this room earlier, a Bomber Armor is waiting for you, as well as two Harpies. It's time for our first boss, though this one is fairly lackluster, and more a glorified midboss than anything else. I’m not sure why I loved it so much; there was just something about it that made it so addictive to me. Here, climb up another vertical corridor, fighting a few Durgas as you go. This time, head right from the water entrance. Nintendo 3DS. Stand on it to break it, making sure to have the Skula soul equipped so you can sink to the bottom of the body of water beneath you. To go the sealed door, go room to room by going right. You'll meet a new enemy as you downward, the Lightning Doll. thx man, that helps.... only, did i miss some clue in the game that would tell me this? As soon as you get into this new area, be ready for a battle immediately. Behold the Creaking Skull! Ignore the platforms going up and down between the floor you're on and the next floor for now, and just go right. It's a fairly straight-forward boss fight, and it's not too hard, but it can be long and tedious. Then, turn around and walk back in. Fight the Great Armor in this room as you head left, and then fall back through the ceiling to the room below. You'll run into a red potion there, which is a Mind Up potion. $5 Text located at address 080F8080. Work your way downward through the various gears and whatnot, and avoid the blue spikes along the various walls. Beat both to receive the best ending. Jump the gap and head leftward. Then, go left from there into the next room over. Once in this room, you'll meet resistance in the form of Werewolves and a Devil. Eventually you'll get to the end of the corridor. In the Garden Of Madness, there is a gold slot machine door. Then, drop down to the bottom of this room and go left through the door. It'll float around, casting magical spells. [Help] Aria of sorrow how do I get the best ending? In other words, keep moving, attacking the scythe with your primary weapon when you're close enough, and your soul weapon when you need to keep your distance. You'll have to compete with the Medusa Heads here as you go, but the end result is worth it. For example, if an exit has a purple A, that means it takes you to the room labled 'A'. For Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow on the Game Boy Advance, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "black mist door (spoilers)". Here, work your way downward. Two new enemies will greet you here - Red Crows (several) and Dead Warriors (one). At this point, her head will literally fly off, being replaced by the head of another enemy. Those points should be colored yellow. Our first solar eclipse. Additionally, you'll fight a new type of large armored enemy called the Disc Armor. Try to follow Death around and duck underneath his floating body. Jump through this hole into the ceiling above and you'll be in a large, vertical room. Kill all of the foes, and work your way to the left side of this large room, going left into the next area. Here, you are blocked from going left by a pillar, so go right. Then, simply climb up this enemy devoid area and go right. Once at the top, go right into the next room. Go down this corridor, killing Valkyries and Curly enemies as you go. There are 19 codes for the game. His second form is far more difficult than the first. First go through the door on the right to a save room, where you can save your game and heal.

aria of sorrow black door

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