This is why it’s essential to look for a thin neck guitar so that you don’t have to exert as much effort or feel pain when you play. I have big hands and I still find it to be a very comfortable neck to play on. It might be small, but the sound is mighty. I can't find gloves that fit me properly because I have short fingers and large palms. This is a guitar that is not only great for the small-handed but one that will always work with you and never go out of style. You’ll want an electric guitar with a slender body that allows you to grab and adjust it with ease. The three-stage control chrome setup allows you to meticulously adjust the tone to your liking and it comes complete with a black textured vinyl hard case so that you can get to gigging and touring right away! Since the 1950s, Fender has offered many of those features in the Jaguar, Mustang and Duo-Sonic models. Its performance can simply match standard size guitars. The ceramic pickups give you an incredibly high output when compared to Alnico pickups and give you a tight low-end response, smooth mid-range, and present top end, perfect for those loud and in-your-face guitar solos. Even with these pro materials, it’s priced quite fairly. Best Guitar For Small Hands (Pro Budgets) Fender Johnny Marr Jaguar – The original model was a commercial flop due to noise and hardware reliability issues that affected tuning. The neck is C-shaped which is mostly preferred by small-handed people. Fender has some smaller sized ¾ guitars which are perfect for those with small hands or are just students starting out and naturally have smaller hands than adults. Best Acoustic Guitar for Small Hands – Fender CP-100 Review. I've always worked on stretches, part of that continuation theme. The Fender Mini Strat is the ideal choice in these circumstances. Below is a list of the 3 most popular profiles we offer including key Fender models that each can be found on. So if you’re looking for a very playable neck guitar, and you want a great sound to boot, we believe that these are the best thin neck acoustic guitars around. Nice and chunky. You must log in or register to reply here. But on guitar I like my Les Paul neck, which is a fat 50's neck. They make some of the best guitars in the world that are specifically for people with small hands, mostly women and girls. The Vintage Worn finish looks gorgeous, giving you the same classic look that you would expect from a 60’s-style Les Paul. The three single-coil pickup design and 5-way switch offer maximum adjustability for a variety of tones and playing styles. In terms of sound, the dual single-coil pickups give you that unmistakable alternative rock tone that will transport you back to the days of grunge and 90s rock. Best Electric Guitars for Small Hands 3. It’s great for almost any style of playing as well and will suit just about any genre, making it a well-rounded workhorse for the modern guitarist. It's the additional features, like the Stratocaster headstock, tremolo bridge, humbucker pickups make this one of the first, and topmost … The classic three-way Mustang pickup switch gives you total control over your guitar’s sound while the tone control allows you to dial in the perfect amount of treble for those dirty power chords. Bottom Line: For a company that prides themselves on their small-handed guitars, they stand up well to the big players in the industry too. Squier has always been one of our favorites, as these guitars allow players to have a pro sound at a much lower price. PRS DGT is perfect for me, it's a PRS regular carve with taller frets. Its dimensions; 45 inches x 5 inches x 15 inches, are slightly bigger than Ibanez bass guitars but it is still smaller than many other standard bass guitars. The low action makes this one the undisputed choice as the best guitar for small hands. The body is made with a solid Alder, giving you added durability and sustain that can’t be beat. They feel a load of discomfort when they try and fret the strings or play chords. Having a slim neck on an acoustic guitar for small hands is also essential, for the same reason that having a shorter fingerboard is. One of the biggest issues that people with small hands have with traditional guitars is that the necks are too wide. The main concerns for younger players or players with smaller hands are finding a body size that is comfortable, a neck profile that allows for a proper grip and a shorter scale length, which places the frets closer together. All of these guitarists made successful careers of playing and never used their small hands as an excuse to stop shredding. If you’re looking for the classic Epiphone sound in a more compact and lightweight form, the Epiphone Les Paul Special VE should be on your radar. SixString Tips We hope that our list helped you to find the small electric guitar of your dreams. Bottom Line: If you’re looking for the sound of a Fender Strat with the playability of a ¾ guitar and the price tag of an off-brand instrument, the Stagg S300 ¾ is a solid choice. We’ve found some great guitars, perfect for players with small hands. It's usually looked at as a beginners guitar, but to me, with its stock parts, it's still a … I have . The three-way pickup switch and speed knobs allow you to easily adjust and control your tone on the fly. Sound and comfort are the most important things players with small hands should look out for when buying the best electric guitar. I have very small hands with short bent fingers.. It’s much like a pair of Ray Bans, as it’ll truly never go out of style. Not only do you get that classic Ibanez sound that is perfect for metal, hard rock, and avant-garde guitarists of all kinds, but you also get solid playability and functionality for your small hands. Since the 1950s, Fender has offered many of those features in the Jaguar, Mustang and Duo-Sonic models. By bent, I mean they are bent inwards (towards each other) from the joints. I have short fourth fingers which pisses me off. Yep, the Yamaha Pacifica 112j has small neck, solid guitar too. awkwardly proportioned hands, especially for guitar playing. #1 – Squier by Fender Classic Vibe 50s Stratocaster Electric Guitar. The only straight finger I have is my ring finger. The U-shaped neck is beloved by players with large hands, particularly those who prefer to keep their thumbs on the side or back of the neck. Sure, if the shoes are too large you can get your feet in them, and you may even be able to walk around, but soon you’ll have blisters and all kinds of other problems. I really shouldn't be a decent guitar player XD Also I play a Les Paul copy. ​If you are somebody with small hands, you know how much of a hassle it can be to play the guitar comfortably. It pretty much became a staple of rock and roll during the 1960s and is still one of the most popular guitars in the genre today. But I've been gravitating toward larger necks over the years. At first glance, you’ll be enamored by the glossy, traditional design. I … It works for multiple genres like metal, rock, jazz, and blues. This small instrument company was established in Belgium during the mid-1990s and has been manufacturing more accessible instruments ever since. JavaScript is disabled. Just because you have smaller hands than the average person does not mean you should be limited in playing. So, to summarize….the best guitar for someone with small hands has a skinny neck and a small measurement at the nut, it also can have a shorter scale length, a shorter string gauge, and low action. The sound is full but it can also go bright and crunchy. It’s a one-of-a-kind reproduction of a vintage guitar with top-tier sound. This guitar is very easy to play because of its 24 inches short scale length. While smaller-built guitars will typically include the feature of a small neck width, there are many normal-sized guitars that also have a shallow neck. My hands are the same as Davids - 8 inches from wrist to middle finger tip. Unfortunately, guitar companies don’t really advertise which guitars are good for people with small hands. Somehow Ibanez was able to pack everything that you would find in one of their full-sized guitars into this little monster of a guitar. The Fender CP-100 is a small body acoustic guitar that is perfect for those with small hands or short fingers.It has a narrower neck design that makes the handling much easier for those without big hands. If you’re a shredder with small hands, the Ibanez Mikro ¾ might be one of your best options on the market. Some of the best guitarists of the last few decades had small hands. Before I start with the list of best guitars for small hands, here are the most important factors that determine guitar’s playability: Neck Dimensions. Ready to make some gorgeous swells? I have very small hands, short fingers. The Vibe Stratocaster, in particular, provides that classic 50’s-style sound with incredible playability. Latest prices & customer reviews. As for neck shapes.. With its MP90 single-coil pickups, you get that signature snarly mid-range and punchy low end. It’s actually the very first short-scale guitar that Ibanez ever built and rests at a ¾ size with a 22” long neck. Having a slim neck on an acoustic guitar for small hands is also essential, for the same reason that having a shorter fingerboard is. For a small hand, you will not go wrong with this model because it has a small neck and the distance between the frets can fit your small hands. Older Telecasters are famous for this shape, as well as the famous “Nocasters” that were produced with only the Fender label. More experienced guitar players might point out that there are some differences in tone and volume between standard acoustic guitars and short scale ones. You try and wrap your hands around complicated chords, which ends up feeling like a futile mission. Its a poly satin finish, and smooth as butter. The fixed bridge design and humbucker pickups give you that classic rock and roll sound while the tune-o-matic bridge provides solid intonation for reliable playing. i'm 5'3" and have pretty small hands (i'm a girl). You have a 24.75” scale length and a slim taper D profile neck for smooth playability. Bottom Line: Just looking at the size, this is one of the best electric guitars for small hands. I got one and put it on my Squire Tele which makes it now, I guess, a Fender Frankenstein, LOL. The body is also relatively slim and very lightweight, allowing you to travel with ease too. The 650R humbucker in the neck position gives you warmth and roundness while the 700T humbucker in the bridge section gives you solid leads. The scale length can be a factor, but since everyone has different sized hands, its not the number one factor in determining if the guitar will feel right to you or not. The Stagg S300 ¾ provides the sounds of a Fender Stratocaster without the higher price tag for a brand name. When it comes to sound, they’ve done an excellent job at replicating the twang and bite of the classic Stratocaster. Look for keywords like “slim neck profile” or “flat neck”, both of which will make shredding much easier and far more comfortable. I have small hands. Former Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr collaborated with Fender to revive this 60’s model with upgraded electronics and hardware, making this a joy to play. The U-shaped neck is beloved by players with large hands, particularly those who prefer to keep their thumbs on the side or back of the neck. A maple, c-shaped neck and Alder body mean that this is a light and easy-to-play guitar for those of us with small hands. . Bottom Line: If you’re looking for a guitar that is lightweight and easy to play, yet still provides the authentic sound of rock and roll, look no further than the Epiphone Les Paul Special VE. It's time to bolt on your next dream neck!Modern “C” Shape: Thin profile, easy/fast playing, usually 9.5” radius, the Fender gold standard for the past 25 years. Scale length is the next most crucial factor to consider when looking for your small-handed electric. It’s easy to play and provides a versatile, one-of-a-kind sound that alternative rock lovers of all kinds know and love. The narrow thin neck design gives those players with small hands the ability to play with freedom and ease. The neck thickness is easily one of the most important things to consider when looking for a small-handed electric guitar. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. The slimmer neck makes it easier for a small-handed player for grab onto the neck, ... Best Electric Guitar for Small Hands: Fender Kurt Cobain Jaguar Special. There is a build and sound quality that you can’t get anywhere else. Basically, you’ll be looking for a flat C shape on the back of the neck. The body is a beautiful mahogany, and the neck is made of maple, meaning you get quality materials that add to the tone, durability, and sustain of this guitar. I love my DGT neck - to me, it's pretty much perfect, to the point I asked the PS team to measure it when they did my PS. It has a C shaped maple neck with 9.5 inches radius medium-jumbo maple fretboard which makes it very comfortable to play. I see a lot where people talk about the hand size of guitar players. I try to keep that mentality about new chordal shapes. As you’d imagine, if you have smaller hands, you’ll want a neck profile that isn’t large or chunky. My hands aren't huge, I think about eight and half inches or so. So very big necks. The string scale of this instrument is 22.75 so the neck is smaller which makes it easy to play. This is the most common modern neck profile: C-shaped necks have a comfortable oval profile that works well for most playing styles. I don't really have a specific preference on neck profile. Required fields are marked *. My hands are the same as Davids - 8 inches from wrist to middle finger tip. Therefore, make sure to check dimensions of a guitar before you even take it for consideration. When you begin to play live, you’ll notice the added freedom that allows you to play expressively without feeling weighed down. Fender Geddy Lee Signature Jazz Bass The Fender Geddy Lee Signature Jazz Bass (view deal on Amazon) is another great bass guitar for small hands with its narrow neck and lighter weight. 7.5" from wrist to middle tip...with short, stumpy fingers. The updated list of best electric guitars for small hands 2020. One last word on the subject of hand size.......Django. Its low action and contoured body make it super comfy to play too. I'm a strat guy and my current favorite neck is the Warmoth '59 roundback with their compound 10" - 16" radius board and 1-11/16" width at the nut. 2 – Classic Vibe ‘50s Stratocaster Indelibly linked to its Fender identity, the Classic vibe Stratocaster gives out a clear, bright, vintage tone, that has a powerful sustain even when played with a … My middle finger is slightly bent, my index finger is bent more than the middle but my little fingers are so bent that they actually look broken. . Fender Kurt Cobain Jaguar NOS is the guitar for you! Keep on shredding our small-handed friends! We recommend looking for scale lengths anywhere between 22-24.6”. The Les Paul Special VE is just as much about aesthetic as they are sound. As for the size, its rather thin and very comfortable to play. I think the nicest neck shape I've played was a Jackson Dinky - thin U profile, fairly flat radius, moderately wide string spacing at the nut, and really big frets. A neck that is too thick will make it hard to play chords and will make you sore faster. There is a six-saddle string-through hardtail bridge that gives you stability and reliability in your tuning and intonation while also providing an interesting resonance thanks to the metal build. The 9.5 inch radius of the C-shaped neck and rosewood fingerboard is ideal for small hands, as is the shorter scale, at 24 inches. If you want to play with more ease and functionality, stick around and check out our list below. I'm perfectly comfortable with my Telecaster's average radius, C shape, and normal fret size, though. Bottom Line: If you’re looking for a professional electric guitar that is built for small hands, there is no question that the Kurt Cobain Mustang is one of the best around. You know the first open chords you struggled with, the fluffed notes etc, and now you can play it cleanly? Below is a list of the 3 most popular profiles we offer including key Fender models that each can be found on. ... Fender Squier Vintage Modified Jaguar. Not many smaller-scale guitars provide the same quality and sound as standard guitars, so the fact that you can get a pro sound with easy playability makes it a winner in our books. Fender is arguably the most famous guitar manufacturer in the world. What we love so much about this particular guitar is that just because it’s small does not mean that it is lower quality. Kickstarting our list of best electric guitars for smaller hands, we’ve chosen this outstanding guitar by Fender, one of the leading guitar manufacturers in the world which have been in the industry for decades, ensuring this is a guitar that’s unmatched when it comes to quality and performance. There are 24 frets packed onto this small neck too, making it easier to stretch and play more complex chords. Not ideal for the guitar somewhat but I don't let that stop me playing. The Epiphone SG Special VE Electric is truly one of the most iconic rock and roll guitars in design. Pair that with the comfortable c-shaped neck and 9.5” radius and you have a guitar that is easy to wrap your hands around. Just check out Andy Summers, Nancy Wilson, Paul Simon, Angus Young, or Randy Rhoads. The guitar features open-coil humbuckers and ceramic magnets that give you that classic rock sound from the second you plug it in. Customers often ask for recommendations on which neck profile is the best fit for their hands and playing style. With that said, many boys and men can enjoy playing Daisy Rock guitars too, as many of them have a neutral look. My hands are small and for me it is all about the nut width. This is why it’s essential to look for a thin neck guitar so that you don’t have to exert as much effort or feel pain when you play. Most people opt for the standard “Modern C” neck profile from Fender as they’re easy to hold in your hand and they’re easy to navigate around. Neck Width. And I have what my friend calls "Billy Barty hands". It’s priced reasonably for the quality you get and has miniature features that provide easy playability with a big sound. I have really long fingers. Choosing an instrument with a shorter fretboard and a small neck can greatly improve your ability to play. The narrower the nut width, the thicker the neck can be. In fact, the Fender Stratocaster is the best selling guitar of all time (5). The main concerns for younger players or players with smaller hands are finding a body size that is comfortable, a neck profile that allows for a proper grip and a shorter scale length, which places the frets closer together. From the sophisticated look to the authentic rock sounds, it’s a force to be reckoned with. Just like Cobain’s famous axe, this one has been modified with a vintage tremolo and an Adjustomatic bridge. When the body of a guitar is too large, it forces you to reach around awkwardly to pick or strum the strings, putting your fret hand in an even mor… Costing just under $400, it delivers not only a high value but also high quality. Basically, the problem that people with small hands find on the guitar is that they can’t get their fingers all the way around the neck of the guitar in order to fret the strings properly. It has 22 frets and all of the hallmarks of a wonderful guitar. It’s an issue that plagues guitarists all over the world, which is why we are here to help. The Daisy Rock Venus is a small-sized guitar with a big sound and professional features. They feel a load of discomfort when they try and fret the strings or play chords. Body size is more important when you’re considering an acoustic guitar, though some electric guitar bodies are a bit bulky too, giving small-handed guitarists something extra to deal with while trying to shred. But saying that, I really like my Carivn's neck, it's modern, but still has some beef There are 22 frets, though they sit close together, making it easy to stretch those chords and play scales without feeling uncomfortable. With its sound quality and build, the Squier by Fender Vintage Jazzmaster Guitar will not disappoint you. Of course, the best guitars for small hands should have a neck that is slim and comfortable to play.

best fender neck for small hands

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