Well I got a cheap RG 170 2 years ago when I knew nothing about guitars and was just a beginner. Low Oval Cross Section. Key Points: 1 3/4“. e.g. Do not buy a classical/Spanish guitar, unless you want to play classical music, as these are very wide necked. The SG can be considered as a modified, slimmer version of the LP, with its weight redistributed. The selection criteria however is the same. Fender electric guitars usually have a neck width of around 1.65 inches (42mm). I had a Hamer Superpro (huge neck) which is a perfect guitar in every single way but the nut. I went with the 60's by the way. Necks on, Gibson guitars, for another example, are usually a little wider at 1.695 inches. With a blank 5 string body and neck I think it could be done. There are some small variations in the neck widths of electric guitars but wider necked electrics are relatively rare outside of … However the string spacing is not neccessarily just wider because the nut itself is wider. The Big Lou was designed for the bigger guys, who have bigger fingers. 2" Serape Strap. Considered the standard size of the guitar industry for the last 30+ years, 1 11/16 Nut Width allows for what many consider to be the perfect balance between chording and soloing. Check on Amazon. I tried a 50's rounded neck on a 68 LP Custom then tried the same guitar with 60's slim taper. String spacing as a result is measured directly at the saddle, or in other instances, and for different manufacturers this measurement is taken at the 14th fret. Again impacting the feel of your fingers on the board.http://www.warmoth.com/Guitar/Necks/FretSize.aspxThickness of the neck itself - Some believe that this impacts the tone of the instrument. Common nut widths on steel string acoustic guitars. NECK WIDTH 45mm at nut, 55.6mm at 12th fret; NECK DEPTH 20.5mm at first fret, 26.6mm at 12th fret; STRING SPACING 39.2mm at nut, 46.3mm at bridge; WEIGHT 1.29kg/2.84lb; FINISH Acid catalysed lacquer; LEFT-HANDERS POA; CONTACT turnstoneguitar.co.uk; Like this? While acoustic guitars do not require any additional equipment, electric guitars need power and amps to produce any music. However, as you can see on the comparison chart below, nut widths vary across guitars, catering to a wide range of players with different preferences in this area. This guitar is good for classical music. I’ve played and owned a lot of steel string guitars, and I’ve never seen one with a 2″ nut width. Neck width comparison--epiphone ej200. Nut width, string spacing, scale length and neck profile are always included in the specifications but how these relate to another, and ultimately how the guitar then feels to play can only really be experienced first-hand. 20% smaller than our full size guitars with a 2 inch shorter neck design that helps children and small adults with shorter arms. Epiphone acoustic guitars have neck widths either 1.68″ or 1.69″. So much so I'll buy another . To buy a first guitar, which you can play quickly, will make you want to stick at it. Measure them and base your choice accordingly. The widest I’ve seen on a steel string guitar is 1-7/8″, and that’s rare. Where and how to measure it. The strings sit within these grooves and the distance between them dictates just how much string separation there is between the strings at the nut. And, while a wider nut width often equates to a wider string spacing in the open position (the first four frets), specific nut widths don’t relate to specific string spacings. Some manufacturers take this measurement at the 14th fret, while others take it right at the saddle. The second is what is often specified as the fingerboard, meaning the front of the neck, on which the strings and frets are actually located. If you want to get into the weeds, try out a few of our more luxurious appointments, such as our carved Manufacturers build guitars based on their own standards but an average nut width would be close to 1 11/16” or 43mm. Fender makes guitars with neck widths from 1.625″ (41.3mm) to 1.69″ (43mm) and very few Parlor-shaped models with 1.75″ (1 … There is much more personal preference to Neck Profile choice than nut width. This is why, If you are in the market for a new guitar, while it’s not always easy, it’s always best if you can test out the guitar by playing it before buying. You may prefer the sound a “baseball bat” neck gives you, but you might not like the joint pain that comes with trying to wield it. The standard width guitar neck is all wrong for you. Some of the Seagull acoustic guitar models have a neck width of 1.8 inches while Ovation makes a classical guitar with a 1.875 inch neck. new. We use 3 basic neck styles: Traditional (Classical), Cutaway-Electric, and Fusion (Crossover). Nut width also plays an important role with regard to playability but it gets less focus than it should, which is a shame because it has an immediate impact on the playability of the guitar, particularly for your fretting hand. This wide neck allows for a full 8 mm between the strings. A wider nut offers more separation between the strings at the headstock end of the neck, while a narrower nut means the strings are closer together. Guitar Neck Shapes Pros and Cons. However, the two are often mentioned within the same breath as typically a guitar with a wider nut width will also feature a wider string spacing. And though it’s not the most impressive of noise-making concoctions, it is a great place to start. Various options are available among different kinds of guitars. Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of Amazon.com, Inc, or its affiliates. The Wide Fat neck has the same nut width as the Wide Thin neck, but it has a deeper profile. Most classical guitars have either a flat fingerboard radius or a very large radius in comparison to conventional electric guitars. Around 1.7 inches is the standard width at the nut. 1.750“ or millimeters e.g. Individual frets are snipped to match the width of a guitar’s neck and hammered (lovingly tapped, more accurately) into slots pre-cut into the fingerboard. I believe that many midrange and high-end Taylor guitars will be in this price range, but I’ll not list all of them here. The crown runs the width of the slot; the tang runs a bit shorter than the width of the slot. Classical guitars tend to have neck widths more around the 2” (51mm) mark. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. GUITAR NECK PART 2: https://youtu.be/L3SI9u5moAg OR GIBSON STORY - GUITAR HISTORY: https://youtu.be/L3SI9u5moAg Gibson new vs 2015: https://youtu.be/tXrN4PmuN6U Only careful measurement ensures that your parts will be compatible. My first thought was there must be a mistake. If you want to play great, you need to start with the right equipment.. The SG has its output jack in the front whereas LP’s jack is at the bottom of the body. When it comes to the size of the various guitar neck profiles, you have to balance feel, sound, and comfort. As the table above indicates, nut width for steel string acoustic guitars can vary. No, nut width refers to the width of the nut only, string spacing refers to the distance between the strings. $29.99. Nut width refers to the width of the nut, which resides at the end of the fretboard nearest the headstock. How much wood does it take to fill up your hand? Because of the slender body with the same neck, SG is a little “neck heavy” in comparison to the Les Paul. I have contemplated putting a 5 string neck on one of my 4 string basses but that would be a nightmare to get done. To keep with a classical guitar "feel" on this wide neck electric guitar, the flat fingerboard radius was a must. Some incorrectly refer to nut width as neck width, but this is incorrect as neck width is a more general term that incorporates nut width, string spacing and fretboard width.eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'theacousticguitarist_com-medrectangle-4','ezslot_6',130,'0','0']));eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'theacousticguitarist_com-medrectangle-4','ezslot_7',130,'0','1'])); If you look down the neck of your guitar, you will notice the neck taper increases as you continue along the neck toward the higher frets, as a result nut width does not directly relate to neck width, although they are often used interchangeably. No, of course not. You will need to find the thinnest neck, so your fingers do not have too far to stretch. Too much is even worse, you can't reach around it. Top Material- Spruce. When I read about wider neck guitars it seams most have a 1-3/4 neck, although some are wider. Neck Profile is the contour or grip shape of the neck. Be the first to know about new products, featured content, exclusive offers and giveaways. Enter your email address below and we’ll notify you now and then when we publish something new. Martin & Co. Martin Guitar Neck Shapes and Widths. The Actual Terminology Of Fender's Guitar Neck Lingo. Body Shape- Traditional Western. There's a great diagram here that explains this http://www.warmoth.com/guitar/necks/Radius.aspxNeck Profiles - The shape of the back of the neck impacts how the guitar feels in your hands. Manufacturers that do and don't make wide nut guitars. Neck widths at the nut (the end of the neck near the headstock) for six-string guitars vary between about 39mm and 54mm, which, to a guitarist, is a huge variation. Nut width is usually represented in inches, usually as a fractional measurement e.g. So nut widths of the classical guitar can reach ar… Available Sizes. The nut is the small, white rectangle that separates the neck of the guitar from the headstock, which houses the tuning heads. Unlike string spacing which refers mostly influences the picking hand, nut width relates most strongly to the fretting hand and dictates the distance between the strings closer to the nut only. Don’t miss out! Mark Holcomb: 20", Torero: 14" As to the letter designations, "A", "B", "C" and "D". Why Your Acoustic Guitar has less frets than your Electric. Where and how to measure it. Acoustic guitars typically have a nut width between 41mm (1.61”) and 47mm (1.85”). This custom 6-string guitar was ordered through our Guitar Customization Tool. Also know the difference between “wide” and “fat” necks. If you want to accommodate some extra string pairs, the neck width on those 12 string instruments is around 1 7/8″. There is much more personal preference to Neck Profile choice than nut width. How much wood does it take to fill up your hand? There is such a huge difference between the two profiles. A regular guitar may have a width at nut of 1 11/16″, while a wide neck would have a width at nut of 1 7/8″, for instance. Neck Width/Shapes; C.F. 1 11/16" (43 mm) - Many electric guitars use this length/width. Obviously string spacing at the headstock end of the guitar is determined by the nut width but the string spacing gets wider (typically about 10% wider) the further along the neck you go and the closer you measure in proximity to the saddle, as the saddle of the guitar is wider than the nut. Width at Nut Width at 12th Fret; 1 11/16" 2 1/8" 1 7/8" 2 5/16" Modified V Cross Section. The wide neck on the Big Lou electric guitar measures 1 7/8″ wide. Allparts UK Ltd Unit 2 TRADA Business Campus Stocking Lane Hughenden Valley High Wycombe Buckinghamshire HP14 4NB Phone: 01494 410050 or 0800 849 8224 Scale Length- 634mm (25”) Body Length- 505mm (19 7/8") Total Length- 1029mm (40 1/2") Body Width- 412mm (16 1/4") Body Depth- 96-116mm (3 13/16" - 4 9/16") Nut Width- 43mm (1 11/16”) String Spacing- * 10.0mm. What is guitar nut width. These were stamped on the end of the necks from the early 1960s to about 1973 and refer to the neck width at the nut - not the shape. The list below includes guitars of all price ranges, including the Martin D28 (RRP $3,599) through to the less expensive Epiphone DR100 (RRP $232). I notice lack of clarity (muddy sounding), more mistakes with inadvertent neighboring strings being muted (thanks to both left hand and right hand) or mis-struck on the narrower neck (i.e. SE Neck Measurements. Because of its strength and longer "heel", the Wide Fat neck produces warm tones with lots of sustain. It really just comes down to personal preference, your physical limitations, and your approach to the guitar. The wide neck on the Big Lou electric guitar is much easier for a beginner to play. do you play mostly with a pick or play fingerstyle. Acoustic Guitars that Play like Electrics, Acoustic Guitar Setup Cost [How Much to Pay]. Consider whether or not you want electronics in your guitar and try plugging in a couple of models to see if the amplified sound suits your style. Stonebridge Guitars have 1.77″ (45mm) nut width, but 1 7/8″ necks are offered as a free option. September 25, 2017. There are reasons for that: with the higher tension of steel strings, I think you would find a 2″ nut on a steel string guitar under full tension really hard to play. Theacousticguitarist.com also participates in various other affiliate programs, and we receive a commission from purchases made through our links. Are nut width and string spacing the same thing? 1 3/4" (44 mm) - Most common length/width. Most of our customers buying our Parlor guitars are coming from little Martins and Taylors who say it plays 30-50% easier with a richer and deeper sound. new. I ‘m more of finger style player and looking for a 2” or 178” nut steel string, what guitar would you recommend. May 11, 2016 - Acoustic guitar neck width comparison. Wild Animal Print Straps. Though today my focus is only the feel of the neck this thought is worth considering.PATREON - https://www.patreon.com/m/lucascrossleyguitarYOUTUBE - https://www.youtube.com/lucascrossleyguitarFACEBOOK https://www.facebook.com/lucascrossleyguitarINSTAGRAM https://www.instagram.com/lucascrossleyguitarTWITTER - https://twitter.com/LCrossleyGuitar Guitar Necks For Sale on Reverb. But for the most part nut width is less important than string spacing as nut width mostly affects the fretting hand and not the picking hand. As I mentioned in the Acoustic Guitar Neck Width Comparison article, Taylor can add a 1 7/8″ wide guitar neck for free to majority of the standard guitar model they produce, but you have to make an order through one of the authorized Taylor dealers. Common neck width are as follows: 2.0" (51 mm) - Classical or nylon string guitars. We’ve also included a handy comparison table showing the nut widths of some of the more popular acoustic guitars available today, so you can make a direct comparison. Ugh. Advantages of a wide neck guitar: A wide neck electric guitar means that you can allow more room between the strings. See All. A well-designed guitar neck joint and a proper neck angle setup will occupy a sweet spot in which the guitar is both structurally balanced while also playing and sounding great. Another thing: if the radius is flatter, it helps compensate for nut width a bit. Gibsons (eg. Most guitar parts manufacturer adopted Fender’s® neck heel and neck pocket dimensions: 56 mm (2-3/16") - Width; 76 mm (3") - Length; 16 mm (5/8") - Pocket Depth; These dimensions are not a standard. Check Price. Acoustic Guitar vs Electric Guitar comparison. Messages 11,171. Only careful measurement ensures that your parts will be compatible. 1 5/8 (41 mm) - Smaller electric guitar similar to Fender® Duo-Sonic®. These letters were stamped on the butt-end of the necks, and have nothing to do with neck profile. These four factors will have a direct effect on the playability of a particular instrument and the general feel of the neck. Followers 0. This does not mean nut width dictates the string spacing of the guitar as a whole, as the neck tapers and the saddle is wider than the nut and therefore is spaced more widely at the saddle. We're all different. It’s not the right equipment. Featuring vintage correct 184mm (7.25") fingerboard radius, 21 thin frets and a comfy fat-shouldered C-shaped neck, this guitar is a joy to play, bursting with sustain before you even plug it in. Output Jack Location. You have to consider all three when making a choice. Link to post Share on other sites. The regular width is exactly 1 11/16″so that’s really what many people are mostly used to. Consider whether or not you want electronics in your guitar and try plugging in a couple of models to see if the amplified sound suits your style. There are various types of neck shape. If you have a size 13 foot, you wouldn’t buy a size 8 shoe, right? It was unplayable. What is guitar nut width. Try these. Neck width comparison--epiphone ej200 Sign in to follow this . Thin vs. thick electric guitar necks. ... not the width of the fret board. SIGN UP. We’re talking about minimal differences here, but which play a crucial factor on how much playable you will think a guitar is – depending on how comfortable either of them feels on your hand! Neck Heel Width and Mounting. There is occasional confusion about C, U and V neck profile designations and A, B, C and D neck width designations. When it comes to the size of the various guitar neck profiles, you have to balance feel, sound, and comfort. Most six string acoustic guitars have a width of either 43mm (1.69” or 1 11/16”) or 44mm (1.75” or 1 ¾”). if you are anything like me with larger than average fingers a wider nut width is useful, as your hand will feel less cramped, allowing you to play more cleanly, especially in the open position as you are less likely to fret unwanted notes. Both can vary, so the relationship between the two is more general in nature. The most common or the standard neck width on acoustic guitars is 44mm (1.73” or more commonly referred to as 1 ¾ inches). Below are a few of the best rated wide neck guitars which are ideal for guitarists with big hands or fat fingers. Last night I spent some time doing neck measurements on my guitars using digital calipers. 44.5mm (rounded up from 44.45mm). eval(ez_write_tag([[580,400],'theacousticguitarist_com-medrectangle-3','ezslot_12',143,'0','0']));The nut is slotted at different depths to allow for the different string gauges in a set of guitar strings. Too little equates to quicker hand fatigue. The Wide Thin neck has a thinner profile front to back than the Wide Fat. Mar 22, 2017 #16 Love my Eastman T486B's 1 3/4" nut width. These styles vary on nut width, fingerboard shape (flat or radiused), the neck profile and string height at the 12th fret. The first is the neck itself, which relates to the backside of the guitar, i.e. Our hands are amazingly capable of adapting to various neck width, profiles, and even guitar scales. Back Material- Tropical Tonewood ** No spam, nothing to sell,just sharing good info. It has a 1-11/16 wide neck. Hey there, FNG Richard here, with a question to those more knowledgeable and possibly more broad minded than myself. Available Sizes. Mojo Grip Picks, Celluloid 3-Pack. Manufacturers that do and don't make wide nut guitars. There isn’t a standard nut width for steel string acoustic guitars. In this video I discuss the specifications used to describe the shape, dimensions and feel of a guitar neck.Scale Length - This can affect the tension on the strings and can be a factor in comfort when playing.Fingerboard radius - This can affect the height of the strings relative to the fretboard and may have an impact on playability for lead or chord work.

guitar neck width comparison

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