It’s Yamaha’s latest amplifier, which fits into the range between the “lower models” such as the A-S701 and A-S501 and the higher-end amps A-S1100 and A-S2100. Marantz PM8005 or Yamaha A-S801/A-S701. CW DAC 1 + Yamaha A-S501 … 5.94 in. This website presents and compares a selection of products and does not guarantee the comparison of all existing products. Yamaha A ... suggested Yamaha A-S501 Marantz PM5005 Denon PMA-600NE Cambridge Audio CXA60 NAD C 326BEE Denon PMA-720AE Marantz PM7005 Marantz PM6005 Marantz HD … vyplatí se připlatit Za vyšší výkon? Yamaha A-S701 i Magnat Quantum 677 bo na razie z takiego zalozenia wychodzę. Zarówno A-S701, jak i testowany Yamaha A-S501 mają wbudowaną sekcję przetwornika C/A i komplet stosownych wejść. 17.32 in. So, it was nice to be able to read this review prior to purchasing the A-S201. Dello Yamaha A-S701 abbiamo anche apprezzato molto il controllo continuo e variabile del loudness, posto sul pannello frontale e che utilizza il il volume elettronico per regolare l’effetto loudness come desiderato. Tak na poważnie dopiero teraz zacząłem się tym interesować, wiec za bardzo nie wiem co jest na 'topie'. Видео, фото и обзоры на E-Katalog 25/09/2014 Yamaha A-S801 - Integrated amp Yamaha reveal the Yamaha A-S801 an Integrated amp Y amaha recently revealed at IFA 2014, a trio of new integrated amps namely the Yamha A-S301 , A-S501 and A-S701. X. Based on our rating, A-S501 has a total rating of 8.7 out of 10 vs 9 for A-S701. However, I can't decide between the two models of each piece of equipment. Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by nola27, Dec 15, 2017. The YAMAHA A-S701 is about identical with A-S801, but the DAC being different: PCM5102A with SPDIF and COAX transport vs. ES9010K2M that adds USB transport too. Also, on the amplifier parts and schematic, the above two are about the same with the "older brother" A-S700. Yamaha A-S301 vs A-S501, Wharfedale Diamond 220 vs. 225. Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by nola27, Dec 15, 2017. Very useful review. View and Download Yamaha A-S501 owner's manual online. I am looking for a new amp, as I feel my current amp is a little underpowered (35W @8 ohm 0.05% THD, 50W @ 4ohm). This site is a free online resource that strives to offer helpful content and comparison features to its visitors. Based on the concept Co o tym myślicie o takim zestawieniu. Overall the Yamaha A-S501 is a capable amplifier. A-S501 amplifier pdf manual download. Yamaha A-S701 Vs. Pioneer A-40 AE Michael58 am 13.11.2018 – Letzte Antwort am 14.04.2020 – 43 Beiträge : Nad 375 bee oder Yamaha A-S801 Boldenon am 22.12.2016 – Letzte Antwort am 15.01.2019 – 13 Beiträge : Verstärker: Yamaha A-S701 vs Yamaha A-S700 + D/A-Wandler Those with smaller bookshelf-type speakers will appreciate the A-S701's capability to join a powered subwoofer. Yamaha A-S701 Owner's Manual 35 pages. Yamaha Yamaha A-S801 - Integrated amp - Reviews And News. Yamaha A-S501 oder Onkyo A-9050 sonicdeathmonkey am 03.04.2016 – Letzte Antwort am 16.01.2017 – 12 Beiträge : Yamaha A-S501 oder Onkyo A-9050 MortalSin am 20.04.2015 – Letzte Antwort am 22.04.2015 – 21 Beiträge : onkyo a-9050 vs yamaha a-s501 ! Sehr große Kühlkörper übernehmen die Wärmeentwicklung der vier Sanken-Transistoren pro Kanal, stranggepresste … Related Manuals for Yamaha A-S501. Thread Status: Not open for further replies. Product Comparison: Yamaha R-N602 vs Yamaha A-S501. These new affordable integrated amps from Yamaha are bringing vintage back to modern times. Page 1: Integrated Amplifier Dynamisch und mit … Ewentualnie może coś innego zaproponujecie, w granicy - 1600-2600. In choosing equipment for my first budget audiophile vinyl setup, I've narrowed down my choices to the Yamaha amps and Wharfedale speakers mentioned in the title. I have only heard Yamaha AS700 (the previous model) vs Marantz PM8005, and there was no comparison - the 8005 was definitely higher level. Le modèle A-S701, que nous testons ici, s'inscrit en plein milieu d’une gamme comprenant plus d'une demi-douzaine d'intégrés stéréo. 17.13 in. The Yamaha A-S801 Integrated Amplifier is a good all-rounder of an integrated amplifier from a trusted and experienced brand. The RX-V475 actually has the same vol control/preamp chip as the A-S501 so you do the math.. By the way, you mentioned "seating distance is about 10-12ft and I like music medium to a little bit higher. Детальное сравнение Yamaha A-S701 и Yamaha A-S501 возможностей и характеристик, преимуществ и недостатков. Here both the Marantz PM6005 and the Yamaha A-S501 were used to be priced around 500€, maybe the Yamaha a bit less, but thanks mainly to the Brexit (the Pound fell down to 1,15€) and the release of the new model for the Marantz, the PM6006, both were available on at about 320€. Other features include power-saving vehicle stand by and remote control. Что лучше выбрать Yamaha A-S701 или Yamaha A-S501 ? It’s built very well and is packed with useful features. Yamaha est le leader sur le marché des amplis Home Cinéma bourrés de fonctionnalités et ultra connectés. Having worked for Yamaha R&D in Pro Audio (many years back), and having been a fan of Yamaha AV equipment and guitars, I am now only able to afford the low end stuff- due to major life challenges. I need advice on what would be the best, stereo amplifier with choice between A-S501/A-S701/A-S801 or stereo receiver being R-N602 or R-N803. A teď si už musíš jen vybrat odpověď, kterou chceš obhájit svou následnou koupi. Created by Yamaha's Rich Experience and Tradition, and High Technological Expertise Yamaha, with a long history of over 125 years as a musical instrument maker, also has a high reputation for HiFi components. Das Yamaha-eigene Antiresonanzdesign fließt auch in den A-S701 - mit einer Kunststoffgitter-gelagerten und vollsymmetrisch aufgebauten Platine. From the A-S301 to the A-S801, these integrated amps are meaty, ranging from 60W to 100W and able to drive loads as lows as 2 ohms. Marantz PM8005 or Yamaha A-S801/A-S701. They both have very similar spec, but A-S701 has 100 W + 100 W (20 Hz - 20 kHz, 0.019% THD), while A-S501 has 85 W + 85 W (20 Hz - … Marantz PM6006 Shop now at Amazon. Integrated amplifier (22 pages) ... Summary of Contents for Yamaha A-S501. Marantz PM6006 vs Yamaha A-S701. With a Yamaha stereo amplifier, enjoy the results of excellence and innovation, featuring unprecedented sound quality and sophisticated design. My recently acquired Yamaha A-S501 has been giving great pleasure delivering my digitised music (and input from my 80s AR tuner), but thanks to the wisdom of vinylengine members' posts I've now resurrected my beloved Dual 505-2 (replaced drive and pitch belts) and am rediscovering my (much in need of cleaning) vinyl.Although the Yamaha amp has an integral preamp, the sound from vinyl is … I am driven mostly by the audio quality but having network features like AirPlay, etc would be handy. The A-S701/S501/S301 are created by taking advantage of this rich experience and high technological expertise. Amplifier Yamaha A-S500 Owner's Manual (42 pages) Amplifier Yamaha A-S500 Owner's Manual. Yamaha AS501 Integrated with DAC, 85w/ch - £300 - Yamaha A-S501 Yamaha AS701 Integrated with DAC, 100w/ch - £470 - Yamaha A-S701 Yamaha AS801 Integrated with a Better DAC, 100w/ch - £590 - Yamaha Stereoverstärker A-S701: Vor rund 2 Jahren haben wir diesen Stereo-Verstärker getestet, der mit 649 EUR günstiger war. The information and/or documents available on this website come from sources considered reliable. SOUND QUALITY Lots of Yamaha supplies in the '70s and '80s can, if it's been looked after, still sound great now. The A-S301 ($399.95), A-S501 ($599.95), A-S701 ($899.95) and A-S801 ($999.95) will deliver the goods for any budget. Mais il se défend aussi très bien sur le segment des amplis HiFi traditionnels. Wolalbym mieć nowy sprzęt. I can get the 500 for 40 euros cheaper and has lower specs and the 700 has better specs but it's probably over 8 years old. I listen to -10 to-15db on my Yamaha avr. Yamaha A-S701 User Manual 20 pages. Ze względów wyglądu podoba mi się Yamaha, trochę tez Onkyo. W stosunku do poprzednika - A-S500 - jest to najistotniejsza innowacja, a według informacji producenta, modyfikacji doczekały się również układy analogowe. Yamaha A-S701, an integrated stereo amp that provides a pure connection to all of your music with a range of analogue inputs, and two digital inputs. Yamaha always comes out as a high value amp, you get a lot for you money, meaning if you want better, you are going to have to spend more and get less. I want to buy a new stereo amplifier to replace my 20 years old Sony receiver and cannot choose between Yamaha A-S501 and Yamaha A-S701. Mám malý obývák:-) Compare Yamaha A-S701 vs Yamaha A-S501 integrated amplifier side-by-side. přidám se k tomuto dotazu, co rozdíl a-s501 a a-s301? I tu moje pytanko: Dozbierac do Yamahy A-S701, czy wziąć Yamahe A-S501? I will be using the amp with the KEF Q350. delmonaco, Dec 15, 2017 #11. It’s worth considering but is overshadowed by the class best. Oplatí a nebo si rovnou připlatit za A-S701, aby tě v budoucnu nehlodal červíček. Also for: A-s301, A-s701. The move to a more balanced sound is welcome but compared to the best at the price it falls short of enthusiasm and a little composure. Advertiser Disclosure. Available in November 2014 will be the Yamaha A-S801. 4.13 in. Magnat Quantum 677 vs Monitor Audio MR6 Teraz tylko nie wiem co jak lepiej wypadnie.. czy Yamaha ma wystarczającego kopa czy lepiej do takiej muzyki jak napisałem dac NAD no chyba ze Yamaha tez ogarnia takie klimaty. The A S701 continues this tendency.

yamaha a s501 vs a s701

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