0000132214 00000 n 44 Knowledge Management and Organizational Learning Explicit knowledge exists in the form of words, sentences, documents, organized data, computer programs and in other explicit forms. 0000130364 00000 n 0000135100 00000 n In the definition given by Peter Drucker, information is interpreted data, endowed with relevance and purpose Knowledge derives from information, and because it’s difficult to explain it in words, it should, when possible, formally structure it in manuals, schematics, tables and other forms. 0000131716 00000 n ]�}ݣ~�?MĬN&��SĻ�yg�S�6�/��[���904����ˠ�ʔ�Y�����Ίt�ԊT��X��#�>O3�`���.�k�5�~i��Z�s�Ω\�S���'UGO���[e�+�Ӷ���r�۟s������!i���8���VK����C�$��K�.�#s��5��~��>��g�w�+�--W�E�*՚9�o*����V�6���M������O6�J��y)�,*߰)�8;���X]1���&�؜a�������~�Hq?eh�]��p�aO�d�s�D_��dݟ���q�B�\{p}a>sT�d����]sY�/TY�}��,���zr 3�{�S���w�ʡCˇ~����k��b���֗��?��453�9��5ܙܐ&/j�,�zU��Pk֖���U��gU��أm��Hm��.t�3�b�w�J��@S�~�g�|�a�KY��N*K̾��_� g�~��O����(��V�k�z�����h�Қ^���JY/�s���+Ѱ?���$�U��(�����9����WX��2���������wi��uXG��{�F�s�k�(���S��J�)�k4���˞��}�9��M�v�yҹ� ^4��/��4�ҟ��[H+C_e�1� �����{�(%{�X*}�jqa�Ϫil�^i�9>�cp. 0000135535 00000 n the first hour and in the last 15 minutes of this examination. 0000125420 00000 n PDF | According to Peter Drucker, knowledge has become a major economic resource and a key source/drive of competitive advantage. 0000124321 00000 n Knowledge assets-both ideas or concepts and know-how-are created 0000124066 00000 n So, while information and data management are certainly very useful, particularly as information sources are growing at exponential rates and with the new focus on big data, it is not synonymous with KM. - People; knowledge management roles have to be established in the business, communities need to be set up to share and reuse tacit knowledge, behaviors such as seeking for and … FINAL EXAMINATION PROGRAMME Master of Business Administration (General) Postgraduate Diploma in 0000126414 00000 n 0000127255 00000 n Broad Concepts of KM 5. %%EOF For more examples of how specific organizations have implemented knowledge management solutions, check out our piece on knowledge management practices at Amazon, Microsoft, and Toyota.You can also access more than 100 knowledge management case studies on Nick Milton’s blog.. Why is knowledge management important? 0000128409 00000 n Though literature on information and knowledge management is vast, there is much confusion concerning the meaning of these terms. (�QS�vb�i��g� 0000129889 00000 n 0000133415 00000 n 0000130755 00000 n 0000124876 00000 n 0000131883 00000 n Under Graduate Degree: Semester module: NQF level: 7: Credits: 12: Module presented in English: Purpose: To equip students with the theoretical knowledge and practical skills to understand and apply information and knowledge management. 0000127634 00000 n 0000124213 00000 n 0000126990 00000 n 0000126915 00000 n 0000135209 00000 n Organizational Learning and KM 4. %PDF-1.6 %���� 0000134040 00000 n 0000125510 00000 n Information is a message that will help others or the group reach a goal. 0000127138 00000 n ID3 SPECIAL EXAMINATION PROGRAMME Master of Business Administration (General) Postgraduate Diploma in Business Management MODULE Information and Knowledge Management YEAR One (1) INTAKE Mixed DATE 18 July 2019 TIME 09h00 – 12h00 DURATION 3 hours TOTAL MARKS 100 INSTRUCTIONS TO THE CANDIDATE 1. Interplay Between Information and Knowledge 2. 0000135256 00000 n 0000136227 00000 n 0000136099 00000 n 0000131018 00000 n xref … The primary difference between information and knowledge is information is nothing but the refined form of data, which is helpful to understand the meaning. 0000129396 00000 n It has been extensively identified that knowledge is an important aspect for an economy to develop. 0000007143 00000 n 0000133891 00000 n 0000125838 00000 n 0000133843 00000 n 0000130970 00000 n Amazon began operating as a book-, shipping business in Jeff Bezo’s garage in, 1995. Knowledge Just as the words ‘data’ and ‘information’ are used interchangeably, there is considerable blurring and confusion between the terms ‘information’ and ‘knowledge’. Process. This study aims to report the design and testing of a maturity model for information and knowledge management in the public sector, intended for use in frequent… Every day we are seeing that we are becoming more and more dependent on knowledge. 0000127804 00000 n As I showed in the previous sections, knowledge and information are actually quite different, as is tacit and explicit knowledge. 0000129294 00000 n 0000126519 00000 n 0000135366 00000 n ii Knowledge management is seen as a business process, integrating knowledge, people, processes, strategies, techniques and technologies. Knowledge Management 3 Why Knowledge Management Application of Knowledge Management (KM) lie in the below four key areas Globalization of Business: Organizations today are more universal i.e., they are operating in multiple sites, multilingual, and multicultural in nature. All queries should be directed to the invigilator; do not communicate or attempt to communicate with any, to complete this paper. 0000136712 00000 n 0000135053 00000 n 0000136369 00000 n We are seeing a lot of transformation rapidly happening in our society. 0000006513 00000 n 0000130707 00000 n 0000129793 00000 n 0000132399 00000 n pdf Machine - is a pdf writer that produces quality PDF files with ease! 0000129538 00000 n 0000130024 00000 n 484 0 obj<>stream 0000136487 00000 n ,�\f�Z�����^��O7q�;��Z��G�q֗`�������j�CmA'y�\��;�v��j[���xb�=���jY�C�o��0uz9�.h��u�=U�:ޑ5�� 0000133574 00000 n 0000132041 00000 n 0000124727 00000 n E-Commerce was first introduced in the 1960s via an electronic data interchange (EDI) on value-added, networks (VANs). 0000127377 00000 n x��X�oS�>׉�$�uL��87���:�qMTu&ܘ9Y��J���2�"�N��5I��NF��Ә-���2�#��*� �$���UM�iDK����Ti�~�9��kVi�">>���>�� @ �9� n9H�ȁHA*H�R������i���+0�m���� HM��ۑ�Aj� Vǭ������^�&" �"LDH�G�+(��%�F��Ú�f��N�^�C��=���^/�DΜ�QK��15�8)�J$�v���w�_Zmcy*�(�z䎥�"F�8soH}��{l۬��(�zғk�n!>`N�L�. 0000128696 00000 n 0000131169 00000 n 0000008685 00000 n 0000134622 00000 n Frequently Asked Questions on Knowledge Management - CCLFI.Philippines 2 2-2 What is the advantage of KM over information management? Unit Standard aligned SEta accredited outcomes Based Designed and developed by Pro-Active College, this skills programme is aligned to the unit standards: The responsibility for opinions and factual matter as expressed in this document

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