As for moving on from Simply Piano, if you’re interested in playing popular music and jazz/blues, I recommend the Pianoforall course. Rank is more indicative of how much time they have spent with the app, while the opened journey chapters represent how much educational content they have mastered. Im brand new in pianoplaying. In order to connect to your children on your personal iPad: You need to scroll all the way to the right, at the end of all the main courses, you’ll find some ‘touch courses’. Free Movie Creator : … Have you downloaded the newest version of Piano Maestro? I told her she can do one month to see if she likes it and if she keeps playing. Thanks! We are in the process of rolling out multiple profiles to all of our learners. It also gives you a rating out of three stars. All subscriptions will auto-renew unless auto-renewal is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. I didn’t even enter any card number. I have had issues with making it run successfully. No. For more information, visit the Joy Tunes support page. Using Piano Maestro with your Clavinova CSP-150 or CSP-170 is simple: The lessons are taught within the context of a song, so you always feel like you are working towards playing something enjoyable. Instructional video in one of the lessons. I am 60 years old and have recently acquired a acoustic piano, I have always wanted to learn to play and I finally have the time. Here is how you can get a refund via Apple: Piano Maestro is our long-established teacher-family practice companion. My child did the free trial and asked me if she could subscribe for a month at the rate of about 8/month. We don’t currently have a discount for a Maestro-Simply membership. Courses, features and songs are added on an ongoing basis. I took private piano lessons from 4 different teachers before I was trained by one that finally taught me the skills to play songs that were impossible without the right technique!! I found this video on the internet: Hi Janet, the program will be able to hear you through your iPad’s mic, or you can connect it with your cable, which might be more reliable. As apps are purchased through Apple's App Store, all refunds are processed via Apple. Go to their profile and click on their name. The app does also offer the option of using an on-screen keyboard. I got a digital piano for Xmas and haven't gotten very far with learning how to play so far. If you just want to mess around and don’t really care too much about the quality of tone you are producing and playing some really technical music then an app is probably going to at least get you going–especially if money is an issue. From a single note to complete pieces, Piano Maestro makes sheet music come to life. More information here:, As for the payment method, as with most other apps, you’ll be charged using the payment method specified in your App Store/Play Store account. My son is looking to join the subscription. If you play more than a few yellow notes, you will have to repeat those few bars. Considering the high price of this program, you really should provide contact information everywhere. Hi Noella, please contact their support regarding your payment. I am new to playing music full stop, but so far this app is brilliant! Make sure that nothing obstructs the device's microphone (an iPhone case for example) and that it's close to the piano or keyboard. I ve just purchased Simply piano for my son.We are using Apple IPad but we ve got huge difficulty.Somehow we’ve managed to come Singer duet 4on the basic level as many times touching notes and keyboards…the programme started moving but not any more,it is like a torture..The notification says”..try our intro touch course”..What is it? Simply select your octave with arrows and play with real sounds of piano! Advanced technique takes years to develop. Additional Information. How did you set this up? The courses teach using the chords for well-known pop, rock, and jazz songs. The whole point is it gets people playing who would never go to the trouble of expensive formal lessons. Rar Zip Extractor Pro. Works with any piano or keyboard – There is no need for midi cables or a digital piano. If there's anything else you need help with, you can message us through our Help Center (click here) or directly from the app (My Account > Support). We bought the app last year, with one year subscription! “Für Elise” doesn’t usually have backing drums! Click "connect to home account" Currently Piano Maestro does not work with Bluetooth speakers due to technical limitations of how we use the microphone with the MusicSense recognition. Skoove, Flowkey, Piano Marvel are all popular piano apps of similar format that I recommend checking out before making the final decision. 2. For example, the practice mode lets you choose between a few tempos but not set your own and doesn’t usually let you split up the hands. I signed up for a year but have 2 days left on my trial. Once inside the pack click "account" in the bottom right hand corner. Is it through the MeloAudio usp or do I have to have a microphone? If you're using an iOS device, purchases are made through the App Store. Piano Dust Buster remains free for teachers! As you’re taught new notes, they are highlighted on the keyboard. All ages will find the format easy to use and appealing, and kids will like the colorful design and images. "I'll show you why they call me the Golden Maestro of Vinyl City!" Reset the MusicSense Engine by pressing Menu (top left button) → Settings → Rest MusicSense™. $11 a year? *Note: Daily Workouts can only be completed using touch keyboard mode. My daughter cancelled the subscription, but it seems to only apply for NEXT year’s renewal. JoyTunes are experts in creating educational and fun music apps for learning piano quickly and easily. Choose View Apple ID from the popup menu. But it doesn’t really matter because if you were to get another 3 month of Flowkey; it still works out cheaper @ $12.99 vs Simply Piano’s $14.99. He is just 6yrs old anyways. For beginner to pro, the app is structured into courses for different musical tastes and skill levels. Since Simply Piano uses your device’s mic to recognize notes, you can use a digital piano, acoustic piano, or keyboard, but for the best learning experience it’s important to make sure that your piano has 88 weighted keys. Can you purchase by the month? However, after she thought she subscribed for a month, I was shocked to see $102 dollar charge in my Paypal account. Hi im interested in the 3 month course ,what happens after does the course stop taking payments, I wonder how this compares to Piano Maestro? As for subscription options, Simply Piano offers a 7-day free trial so you can try it before you buy it. While it does leave out a fair bit of music theory, we find it fun for the whole family. In Simply Piano by JoyTunes, you can find tons of courses for different levels, which are the equivalent of studying the piano for two years with a music teacher. Since you have the option of adding up to five profiles on the same account, it will also get you to set that up here, or you can add them later. Question: Is this the case with all the songs in the courses? As kids play on an electric or acoustic piano or on the in-app keyboard, the app uses the iPad's touchscreen or microphone to gauge the player's accuracy and gives instant visual and auditory feedback. The solutions below apply to cases where no sound is picked up completely. It goes more into depth on music theory and teaches you a lot of more advanced concepts to play around with. Jan, have you tried contacting the Simply Piano customer service? It starts with a lesson on music history and the styles in each period before moving on to simplified versions of pieces from the Classical and Romantic periods. Hi am 71 and thought this was a great idea always wanted to to learn music and give my brain a good work out an boy it does. Playground Sessions is subscription-based, and you need to have an active membership in order to access the lessons and songs. "Jingle Bells" in the Essentials I Course. I recommend a tablet, since the larger screen is easier on the eyes while practicing. Being in love with music his whole life, Lucas started this blog as the “go-to” place for the most accurate and detailed information about the world of music, and especially pianos! However, since the format makes it difficult to skip through and make sure you’re not missing anything you might need a refresher on, adults who want to move faster would be better suited to another program. Hi Giselle This bargain-basement 49-key MIDI controller keyboard from Alesis is a great option if you only need a solution for playing the kind of simple tunes you’ll encounter in beginner lessons. The basics are shown as you can begin to learn to play the piano with this app! Dan, Hi If you’ve created several profiles under one account, it looks like you have a family plan and you shouldn’t be charged for them separately. I have recently finished all Simply Piano courses, and have also completed all songs with 3/3 stars. If I’m not mistaken they offer 3- and 12-month plans. She used to take lessons, but can’t now because of the Pandemic. Simply Piano needs a microphone to work properly (we listen to the piano after all…). Piano Maestro is developed by JoyTunes, creators of award-winning apps Simply Piano and Piano Dust Buster. I think, they will definitely be able to continue using the app on their family iPad. If you're playing a digital piano or keyboard, make sure to use the default natural piano sound. My daughter has been using Simply Piano for around 6 months now and has made great progress – much more so than when she had a teacher. Free ACG Player. This is very important and usually solves most issues. You’ll also learn about the 12-bar blues. Do you think its good for an 8 year old who cant take lessons right now? Enter your password when prompted and tap on OK. 4. Is it an automaticly charge or will the app send me any information before they charge? How and when will my account be charged? Go to home screen -> Settings -> Privacy -> Microphone. Free Amazon. We'll be happy to answer any questions :). Hi Dan-O, we haven’t tried the Piano Maestro yet, but from what I’ve gathered it’s more designed to be used by teachers rather than students based on this FAQ, so I’d probably recommend Simply Piano in this case. Simply Piano by JoyTunes. Unfortunately, this is managed by Apple and we can't modify them, so you will need to cancel it yourself. And during this covid times he revisited the app (subscription still active) and has been playing a lot! People also like. This will make sure that the side switch indeed controls the mute. I find it hard sometimes to learn from the scrolling and much easier to study from a printable sheet music before heading to the scrolling part and succeed there. JoyTunes are experts in creating educational and fun music apps for learning piano quickly and easily. Students can rank-up by playing any song. Concerts happens between 2-3 times a week and consist of a total of 4 songs. As far as I know, it’s considerably more expensive. If you happen to make a mistake twice while playing a song, practice mode will be activated (indicated by a white metronome in the top right corner) and will significantly slow the tempo down so you can easily learn the notes at a slower pace. It definitely has its shortcomings and there are many other great apps that may be worthy of your attention. If it is already enabled please let us know. Have you tried connecting the keyboard via USB directly to the iPad? Who cares? Ok, that is good to know. Thanks for your very useful review. We're happy to help! This is more along the lines of Simply Piano, but it has more advanced music. Simply Piano by JoyTunes is a fun and simple way to learn to play the piano. Join Premium for as little as $18 a month or $179 a year. I won’t have her on formal piano lessons until this pandemic is over and would use an app like these in the interim. Simply Piano can be used by both kids and adults. Love it! thanks We have really enjoyed Simply Piano. The “Sheet Music” tab is in the main menu, just underneath the “5-Min Workout” tab. I think they are both made by JoyTunes? Have one of your students with an iPad bring their iPad into the studio. An unusual aspect of the songs is that all of them have a track to play along with, even the classical pieces. The soloist track is designed to teach you how to play solo piano pieces that include both melody and accompaniment. Signing up is easy! Let’s take a closer look. Simply Piano is developed by JoyTunes, creators of award-winning apps Piano Maestro and Piano Dust Buster. For example, the first few have students sight reading notes that were taught in the most basic courses. Staff mode will help you practice your sight reading skills. Before the courses split into the Soloist and Chords streams, there are two courses designed to give students a quick foundation of piano basics, whatever their piano goals are. You’ll also play simplified versions of six songs, including “Perfect” by Ed Sheeran and “Jingle Bells”. In this course, you get to play songs like “Hello” by Lionel Richie. You simply cannot learn piano properly from any app. However, I want to briefly […] There are two central indicator for a student's progress with the app: their rank and the chapters they opened in Journey mode. You can scroll across the top to find the right level, but you can’t sort by genre. Simply Piano currently has 27 different courses divided into two streams: Soloist and Chords. Report. N.Penny. We can’t find a way to cancel this 12 month subscription and get a refund. The idea of JoyTunes came to Yuval, JoyTunes' Co-Founder & CEO, while visiting his nephew one day. Awards & Recognition - Tom was much more interested in playing his Wii, and showing off the skills he mastered, than playing his piano. — I realize that it’s not the same as learning from a teacher, but enough for those who can’t afford in-person lessons to be able to play for their own enjoyment , Hey, do you know if it’s possible to use the app and headphones at the same time or can it only pick up the sound from the pianos speaker? Tom's mother could not tear him away from his game counsel for 10 minutes to practice his piano, with a huge argument ensuing. Free + Feedback Hub. Once you've mastered it, the song will switch back to its' original tempo. Though there are a few classical courses and songs in the library, the fact that they are labeled “optional” is telling. I could never train myself to use my left hand and right hand independently, so without a constant visual reminder to keep me disciplined during practice, I never learned. If you'd like to learn piano along with other members of your family on one subscription, Simply Piano is a perfect fit. Are there apps for more advanced players or do you know if JoyTunes are working on extending the course? Close any apps running in the background that might be picking up a signal that's coming across as MIDI connection. JoyTunes’ Piano Maestro is an iOS app that teaches kids how to play piano and read sheet music. Practice Mode is designed for gradual step-by-step learning to help you master any song! Good to hear that you’re enjoying the course and making good progress! Legally licensed © Copyright protected. What happens if I am outside the US? Once you’ve learned several short sections, you will put them together with a backing track and the music scrolling across the screen. I’ve reviewed the other apps, but she has really taken to this one. Simply Piano subscriptions are not connected to Piano Maestro and Piano Dust Buster subscriptions and must be purchased separately. If you could offer any insight into these 2 programs and what is a best option I would be appreciative. Pop Chords I introduces chords C major, D major, G major, and E minor in the context of songs like “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door” by the Guns ‘N Roses. When I hear the word virtuoso, I think of someone with skills that are unparalleled by any other living human. A fast and fun way to learn piano - works with any piano or keyboard. When comparing Yousician and Piano Maestro, two things jumped out at me. Created by music educators, the apps are used by tens of thousands of music teachers worldwide with over 1 million songs learned every week. The only two courses you can use the touch keyboard with is in the Touch Intro and Stay in Touch courses as well as with the Daily Workouts. I’d be interested to learn from you what your recommendation would be for after completing the whole course in terms of progressing my learning. First, you’ll need to download the Simply Piano app. Enter the 4-digit code when prompted in the app and you're ready to go. Also, customer support has been quite helpful with any issues I have had. Developer. Screenshots. Go into Microphone View Simply Piano by Joytunes played in realtime. or am I forced to succeed in that scrolling part and only in the end I get to the entire sheet music? Hi, my daughter is 8 and has been enjoying the Simply Piano app for the last few days. I also recommend looking into reading sheet music outside of an app, perhaps even with a print method like Alfred’s Basic Adult Piano Course, likely the second book. Here, you’ll learn about chord progressions, including the major and minor 2-5-1 chord progressions and the turnaround progression. Patented. Next comes Classical I, which is labeled “optional”. You can check out my reviews on both of these courses for more info! More by JoyTunes. Create multiple profiles (siblings, students). This will allow their parents to receive weekly reports on their progress, “share the moment” postcards, and even send the students encouraging feedback! Noticed that you’re from Calgary. Learning Paths – Soloist (top) and Chords (bottom). How many adults have you heard that said they had piano lessons when they were a kid and hated it force quite the app (when outside, double press the home button, then long press the app icon at the bottom and close it with the little "-" sign). However, they did add a few courses with touch capabilities for those who want to practice on the go or don’t have an instrument yet. I find that they have to pound my electric piano too hard and it is driving everyone crazy. There are no shortcuts to learning from a teacher. I have one question – how does Simply Piano relate to the Grade levels? However, on a 12 month subscription Flowkey vs Simply Piano are the same price @ $9.99 monthly. I just googled the Simply Piano app to read reviews, and found this really useful. If there's anything else you need help with, you can message us through our Help Center (click here) or directly from the app (Account > Support). Thanks for sharing your experience. Being older I find myself getting annoyed because I am slower at picking new things up but am really enjoying it . Hi, if by ‘beta version’ you mean the free 7-day trial, then yes, it’s available for both Android and iOS users. It is a professional tool that can be used by music educators and their students. Please refer to the following page, if you experience any issues with payments:, Piano always seemed impossible but not anymore this app is very useful thank you so much Giselle. It does this with an emphasis on reading music and scales. Thanks in advance for your attention. There is a troubleshooting section that claims to solve 90% of note recognition issues, but tips include using a midi cord and avoiding the sostenuto (sustain) pedal, which is not ideal. Simply Piano is developed by JoyTunes, creators of award-winning apps Piano Maestro and Piano Dust Buster. From learning a single note to complete pieces, the app helps you Learn to read sheet music notation and symbols, play melodies in both treble and bass clefs and more! Thank you for your reply. Jazz Chords I and II go deeper on theory in addition to teaching jazz patterns. Payments will be charged to your iTunes account at confirmation of purchase. To do so in iOS 8: You should be able to connect to Simply Piano via a MIDI USB cable. By working in conjugation with music teachers, JoyTunes thrives to create educational tools influenced and shaped by music educators themselves. This tricks the iPad into thinking you are connecting to another device when you are really not. You do need to be a subscribed member to access it. If after seven days free trial are you charged by the month or annually. I would appreciate your input. All you need is this MIDI adapter , which is obtainable at all/most electronic stores that offer Apple accessories.. Then it's simply "Plug and Play" - the app will detect it automatically. Acoustic sound recognition is a complex, emerging technology. Thank you. Are you in a loud place?). Lower the volume of the app when playing. This level of direction is good for students who want to learn on their own but aren’t so great with disciplining themselves, or don’t know enough about practicing the piano to make use of more customizable features. For a fraction of the cost of traditional piano lessons, Premium learners can enjoy personalized practice sessions, track their progress, play online games, and rock out with professional backing tracks! Like the Classical courses, these are labeled optional. The other bad thing was that you had to pay to play, I know it was a bargain paying $11 for a year but I would like to play piano with no stress paying to play. Try muting and "unmuting" with the side switch and re-launch the app again. That’s including playing all songs in the music library section, to ensure I practice what is taught in each course before moving onto the next. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. I’m afraid to pay until I have figured this out first. A leader board keeps track of top players. Premium access in Simply Piano means you have full access to the all the courses and songs in the app during your chosen subscription period. The apps are used by tens of thousands of music teachers worldwide with over 1 million songs learned every week. She has her grade 10 piano certificate from the Royal Conservatory of Music and a bachelor’s degree in English. Simply Piano can do both of those things, and all it takes is your iPhone or iPad. Do you find YouTube videos embedded into posts helpful? I’m 68 and trying to figure out how to use the program. JoyTunes' mobile apps combine a wide range of music education methodologies with the latest in gaming features to motivate practice and dramatically improve player's skills in an interactive and fun way. Simply Piano was created to give an intro to anyone learning the piano on their own. Not everyone can afford a teacher, or has the same goals . Then connect your headphones to the audio jack from the iPad and you're all set. Since Simply Piano usesyour device’s micto recognize notes, you can use a digital piano, acoustic pia… If you weren't prompted in the app, you can enable it manually via the iOS device settings (iPhone, iPad). The song library has hundreds of songs to choose from, with a good selection corresponding to each level. Hi Chris, which grading system are you looking to compare the course to? Thank you. JoyTunes claims that their piano apps are used by tens of thousands of piano teachers worldwide and teach millions of songs every week. How does this work? It also asks you to set up a profile with your name and age. Like a maestro is something virtuosos become. Flowkey vs Piano Marvel vs Skoove vs JoyTunes for adult (re)learner? thanks for being involved in the piano music world! So you won't forget, we've automatically scheduled a reminder notification every day at 9am for you. Pop Chords II and III teach F major, D minor, E major, A major, and B minor. Students will come out of Simply Piano with a good grasp of the basics of reading music, playing chords, and accompanying singers or other musicians. Why not combine the aspects of video games with music? I have Simply Piano running on an Android based PC with a nice sized monitor in front of the piano which works great. Close. Go to Settings → Privacy → Microphone, and enable the microphone. Then you can plug headphones into the iPad (not the digital piano) and just turn the volume down on the piano. Apple automatically adjusts the costs for each country with the local currency. or can I get to the sheet and study before the scrolling part? Hi, apologies for my late reply. A possible solution is: Shares useful info and actionable insights in the form of reviews, guides, tips and tricks that will help make your musical journey a success story. I’m sure it won’t come as a shock that you also need a piano. Intermediate I, II, III, and IV get more rhythmically interesting with syncopation and ties. It is enjoyable to play along with the wide variety of songs (from Baby Shark to Bach to Johnny B. Goode) and we regularly have fun competitions to see who can score the best and sing along. Play the piano louder (on a digital piano or keyboard turn the volume up, on an acoustic piano press the keys harder). I Just downloaded the app and put my 3 boys’ names in the profile. What grade (more or less) would someone have who successfully completed all the courses on the app? Looking forward for the cord to be delivered so I can get started. So, yeah, headphones should work just fine. I can only see sheet musics available? Piano Maestro is developed by JoyTunes, creators of award-winning apps Simply Piano and Piano Dust Buster. So, you’ve got two options that should work! Simply Piano is developed by JoyTunes, creators of award-winning apps Piano Maestro and Piano Dust Buster. Flag as … Try reducing background noise (is the TV on? But for you guys who have played piano for some time. I'm an adult learner who just bought a digital piano. Thank you. If it is not on turn it on; if it is on already let us know. Firstly, I have several controller keyboards which have their own power sources but the program does not recognize them when plugging in the usb connector through the iPad. Once inside your account click the "membership" tab. I teach beginning adult piano lessons sprinkled with masterclass technique with my online video tutorials at Subscriptions cannot be cancelled during the active subscription period. Now, force quit the app (double press the device home button and swipe up Simply Piano). Go to your iPad's Settings → General → Use Side Switch To → Mute. We do know that some strange behaviors may occur if the side switch is set to lock rotation. Best, Additionally, learners of all generations will find songs that they enjoy in the courses and song library. Piano Maestro by JoyTunes is an interactive piano practice app for kids. There are no shortcuts!! Maybe does not teach proper posture and another important things but for sure is great and helpful how to read the notes…. Piano Maestro Teachers and families piano tool. Do you need to buy a certain package? spoken like a true teacher! Doesn’t teach advanced music reading or theory – The course leaves out many symbols and terms that are needed to read more advanced music outside of the course. JoyTunes is passionate about all things music. Our son has basic piano lessons as part of their kindergarten curriculum. Currently Piano Dust Buster does not work with Bluetooth speakers due to technical limitations of how we use the microphone with the MusicSense recognition.

piano maestro vs simply piano

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