21st International Conference on Offshore Mechanics and Arctic Engineering, Volume 3. It is not intended to limit the use of other materials, finishes, and designs that equal or exceed the requirements of this Standard. Membership dues may be subject to sales tax in some jurisdictions. It is not the intent of this Standard to preclude the use of other styles (shapes), classes, and types (material) of gage blocks provided they are properly correlated by the manufacturer and user to this Standard and yield comparable results with respect to conformance within specified limits. and 500mm in length, including physical properties, general dimensions, tolerance grades, flatness, parallelism, surface texture requirements, and definitions of length. Professional Member  The Code provides procedures for determination of electrical efficiency or heat rate and overall thermal effectiveness at rated or any other steady state condition. major diameter; (d) straight-sided spline plug and ring gage blanks to major diameters of 8.000 in. +1 973-882-1170 (outside North America)  Nominated by ASME Members and Fellows, an ASME Member has to have 10 or more years of active practice and at least 10 years of active corporate membership in ASME.