MECH 3130 and ELEC 3810. AERO 5620 DYNAMIC SIMULATION (3) LEC. Pr. Departmental approval. Modeling and performance assessment. Pr. LAB. INSY 3700 OPERATIONS PLANNING AND CONTROL (3) LEC. This course introduces theories and procedures for determining fundamental properties of asphalt materials for advanced material evaluation and pavement design. 3. These range from the extremes of interplanetary exploration through earth orbiting systems to the problems arising from our population explosion: energy, better productivity, housing, transportation and environmental issues. CIVL 7280/7286 SURFACE WATER QUALITY MODELING (3) LEC. Introduction of basic concepts and principles for control system. MATL 7140/7146 ADVANCED COMPOSITE MATERIALS (3) LEC. Conventional power plants, global renewables, energy efficiency, marine hydrokinetic (ocean currents and waves), wind power (aerodynamic, generator, plants, grid integration, finance), photovoltaic (device, inverter, plant levels, finance), hydropower (generator, plant level, pumped storage hydro, advances in hydro),power systems grid integration, system impact studies, control and operation of inverter-based resources, ancillary services provisions, and other important aspects of renewables for bulk power (transmission levels) and for distribution power systems. Comprehensive introduction to XML, working with XML and Databases, event-driven programming with XML, implementing Communication and Web Services with XML, working with XML, JQuery, XHTML and HML5. 3. Introduction to the integration of mechanisms, sensors, controllers and actuators for machines and design of automatic machinery. 2. ELEC 6620/6626 POWER SYSTEM ANALYSIS (3) LEC. CIVL 4600 and CIVL 4650. 3. P/C ENGR 4710. May count either BSEN 5560 or BSEN 6560. INSY 6860/6866 AUTOMOTIVE MANUFACTURING SYSTEMS (3) LEC. 2. May count either CIVL 5120 or CIVL 6120. AERO 3120. COMP 8600 ADVANCED TOPICS IN ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE (3) LEC. Process of erosion, sediment transport, and sedimentation along with strategies adopted to prevent and manage erosion on construction sites. Production of macroscopic assemblies and structures from nanomaterials. BSEN 3230. CIVL 3110 and STAT 3110. 3. Admission into Bachelor of Computer Science Program. (COMP 6700 or COMP 6706) and (COMP 6710 or COMP 6716). Pr. ENGR 2070 and MATL 3100 and MATL 3200. Pr. INSY 7300/7306 ADVANCED ENGINEERING STATISTICS I (3) LEC. Stored Program Computers, hardware and software components; data representation, instruction sets, addressing modes; assembly language programming; linkers, loader, and operating systems. Constitutive equations for solids and fluids. COMP 8220 RESEARCH TOPICS IN PROGRAMMING LANGUAGES (3) LEC. CIVL 3230. CIVL 6660/6666 BRIDGE ENGINEERING (3) LEC. LAB. MECH 7410/7416 OPTICAL METHODS IN MECHANICS (3) LEC. ENGR 2070 MECHANICS OF MATERIALS (3) LEC. Solutions of electromagnetic scattering, radiation, and coupling problems using a variety of common asymptotic techniques. SU. 2. 3. CIVL 4530 GEOMETRIC DESIGN (3) LEC. 3. Pr. MECH 6610/6616 MECHANICAL VIBRATION (3) LEC. May count energy for compressible flows. ELEC 5810 COMPUTED IMAGING SYSTEMS (3) LEC. 3. CIVL 3230 and CIVL 3110. MECH 7990 RESEARCH & THESIS (1-12) MST. 1. 3. PFEN 6510. Process capability. 45. Introduction to heat exchangers. LAB. ELEC 7470 ADVANCED VLSI TEST (3) LEC. 3. 3. 3. LAB. MATL 5201 MATERIALS CHARACTERIZATION LABORATORY (1) LAB. MECH 7010/7016 ADVANCED THERMODYNAMICS (3) LEC. Fundamentals of the electromagnetic-mechanical energy conversion process. MECH 5450 NON-DESTRUCTIVE EVALUATION OF MATERIALS AND STRUCTURES (3) LEC. Screening of alternatives and economic optimizations. Study of systems that incorporate plant uptake of nutrients and/or heavy metals for remediation of soil-based contaminants. CHEN 5090 or Departmental approval. May count either CIVL 5510 or CIVL 6510/CIVL 6516. Aerodynamics of slender wing-body combinations, interference effects, linear and non-linear effects, applications to missile design and performance. Regular course addressing an advanced specialized area of Mechanical Engineering not covered by a regularly offered course. Fundamental analysis of aerodynamics and potential flow theory. MECH 7140/7146 TURBULENCE (3) LEC. Departmental approval. Pr. An introductory course on the technology of pulp and paper manufacturing with emphasis on raw materials, pulping, bleaching, paper making, coating and environmental control. Pr. GPA Calculation Auburn University uses a 4.0 grade scale. Statistical mechanics of chain molecules; thermodynamics of polymer solutions; dilute, semi-dilute, and concentrated solutions and gels; polymer physics; scaling concepts in polymer physics; reptation theory (deGennes, Doi, Edwards) and molecular dynamics; phase separations; crystallization of polymers; rubber elasticity theory; mechanical analysis; viscoelasticity; diffusion theory of polymers; surface properties of polymers. CIVL 7140/7146 ECOHYDROLOGY (3) LEC. 3. CHEM 2030 and (ENGR 2050 or ENGR 2053) and (PHYS 1610 or PHYS 1617). Applicants require very good grades in high school to get into Auburn. Covered is the law of contracts, agency, association, property, and labor law, studied generally and in the context that the practicing civil engineer encounters them. Pr. CIVL 6670 or CIVL 6676. Pr. ELEC 7340/7346 COMPUTATIONAL ELECTROMAGNETICS I (3) LEC. ELEC 7410/7416 STOCHASTIC SIGNAL AND SYSTEM ANALYSIS (3) LEC. May count either ENGR 6000 or ENGR 6006. Pr. Pr. 3. ELEC 5630 ELECTRIC MACHINES (3) LEC. MECH 2110 and (P/C MECH 2220 or P/C MECH 3220). Pr. Pr. MECH 6310/6316 MECHANICS OF ELECTRONIC PACKAGING (3) LEC. Supervised study in specialized areas of chemical engineering. Departmental approval. Pr. Single and multivariate search techniques and strategies that are used in finding the optimum of discrete and continuous functions. Progress Assessment Examination in: multivariate calculus, differential equations, chemistry, physics, statics, dynamics. 3. Builds mastery of mobile application development and the skills necessary to stay current in this fast-moving field throughout one’s career by introducing a new programming language and application programmer interface and interface and requiring the student to master them. Students will be involved in projects that expose them to theory and practice of problem solving techniques involving data collection, statistical analysis, computational modeling, and experimental design of problems related to the service and manufacturing industries. 2. 3. Pr. Research Report. The use of microstructural characterization to understand the relationship between microstructure and properties of metallic materials. Course may be repeated with change in topics. Telephone: (334) 844-4744. Departmental approval. Pr. 3. 3. INSY 7060/7066 ERGONOMICS I (3) LEC. Hydrologic cycle, hydrologic frequency analysis, precipitation, infiltration, runoff hydrograph, flood routing, urban hydrology, watershed hydrologic modeling, and computer modeling applications. Departmental approval. LAB. 3. The forest engineering option is offered jointly by the Department of Biosystems Engineering and the School of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences. BSEN 3310 or Departmental approval. Course may be repeated for a maximum of 3 credit hours. Pr. Topics may vary. Pr. Fundamentals of mobile robot design, including motor control, sensor integration, path planning, navigation, and localization. Credit will not be given for both CIVL 5240 and CIVL 6240/CIVL 6246. 3. 1. (MECH 2130 or MECH 2110) and MECH 2220 and MATL 2100 and MATH 2650 and MATH 2660. INSY 3021 METHODS ENGINEERING AND WORK MEASUREMENT (3) LEC. Mass Conservation; Momentum Equation; Energy Equation; Dimensional Analysis; Fully-Developed Laminar Flows; Similarity Solutions; Boundary layer Approximation; Stability of Laminar Flows. CIVL 7540/7546 TRANSPORTATION SAFETY (3) LEC. Fall, Spring. MECH 7950 GRADUATE SEMINAR (1) SEM. 3. Properties of materials used in micromachined transducers as a related to current and potential micro and nanofabrication processes. 3. MATL 6200. 1. CHEN 6660/6666 MACROSCALE ASSEMBLY AND APPLICATIONS OF NANOMATERIALS (3) LEC. CHEN 3660 and CHEN 3820 and P/C CHEN 3700 and CHEN 3650 and P/C CHEN 4170. An introductory graduate level course on the technology of pulp and paper manufacturing with emphasis on raw materials, pulping, bleaching, paper making, coating and environmental control. 3. Introductory graduate research seminars for entering graduate students. 3. Pr. Topical courses for graduate students. Emphasis on design economics and cost estimating techniques and applications to various manufacturing and service operations. 3. LAB. (MECH 3AA0 and MECH 3150 and MECH 3160 and MECH 3230 and P/C MECH 3040 and P/C MECH 3050 and MECH 3140) or (MECH 3AA0 and MECH 3150 and MECH 3160 and MECH 3230 and P/C MECH 3040 and MECH 3050 and P/C MECH 3140) or (MECH 3AA0 and MECH 3150 and MECH 3160 and MECH 3230 and MECH 3040 and P/C MECH 3050 and P/C MECH 3140). Issues associated with the design, implementation, and use of software engineering environments. INSY 7980/7986 MASTER'S IN INDUSTRIAL AND SYSTEMS ENGINEERING PROJECT (1-5) IND. 3. ENGR 2350. MATL 2100. BSEN 3230. LAB. Advanced machine modeling, including Kron's generalized machine theory, Park's transformation, and generalized coordinate transformations. CIVL 3110. CIVL 3610. AERO 7200/7206 DYNAMICS OF FLIGHT (3) LEC. Emphasis will be placed on the interplay between effective data structures and efficient algorithms. Departmental approval. Pr. ELEC 3320 and ELEC 3700. 3. CIVL 6600/6606 ADVANCED REINFORCED CONCRETE DESIGN (3) LEC. Structural property relationships of crystalline and glassy ceramics will be included. INSY 6010/6016 SAFETY ENGINEERING I (3) LEC. INSY 7380/7386 RELIABILITY ENGINEERING (3) LEC. 3. Departmental approval. Honors College. Pr. MECH 7130 or MECH 7136. Energy methods in solid mechanics. MECH 6300 or MECH 6306. Transfer Only Equivalency for Engineering Courses. 3. PFEN 4500 FIBER REINFORCED MATERIALS (3) LEC. ELEC 5530 MOBILE ROBOT DESIGN (3) LEC. 3. Team-based fabrication, testing, modification and operation of a ground vehicle; oral and written communication; project management. Precise, abstract models for characterizing and reasoning about properties of software systems. 45. INSY 7100/7106 ADAPTIVE OPTIMIZATION (3) LEC. Auburn does not require SAT Subject tests. 3. Admission into Bachelor of Computer Science Program. Auburn engineering is serious, but not as overtly high pressure an environment. C or better in AERO 2200. CHEN 4880 PULP AND PAPER ENGINEERING LABORATORY (3) LAB. 0. 3. 3. BSEN 7990 RESEARCH AND THESIS (1-10) MST. Departmental approval. MECH 3130. Chemical reaction and phase equilibrium applied to chemical engineering problems. Theory and practice of designing interfaces for interactive systems, usability engineering techniques; implementing and evaluating interfaces. 3. 3. During the 2018-19 admissions cycle, Auburn University had an acceptance rate of 81%. ELEC 7310 or ELEC 7316. BSEN 7310 or Departmental approval. Departmental approval. CIVL 3110 and CIVL 3230. Course may be repeated for a maximum of 24 credit hours. Test economics, automatic test equipment, fault models, automatic test pattern generation, test generation for sequential circuits, fault simulation, testability measures, fault coverage, yield and defect levels, design-for-testability, scan and boundary scan, IDDQ testing. Pr. MECH 3050 MEASUREMENT AND INSTRUMENTATION (3) LEC. Introduction to the College of Engineering and its resources, exploration of engineering careers, orientation to campus resources and facilities, and assistance with academics and transition to college. CIVL 3510 TRANSPORTATION ENGINEERING (4) LEC. AERO 6120/6126 ROTARY WING AERODYNAMICS (3) LEC. 3. 3. PFEN 6510 POLYMER CHEMISTRY (3) LEC. CPSC 5333. ELEC 2210. COMP 6320/6326 DESIGN AND ANALYSIS OF COMPUTER NETWORKS (3) LEC. Pr. Departmental approval. Pr. 3. In nearly every decade, the GPA has inched up. 3. ELEC 5730 MICROELECTRONIC FABRICATION (3) LEC. For the evidence-based reading and writing section, 50% of students admitted to Auburn scored between 580 and 650, while 25% scored below 580 and 25% scored above 650. MATL 4100 THERMODYNAMICS AND KINETICS OF MATERIALS (3) LEC. 3. CIVL 3110. CIVL 2010. COMP 6000/6006 WEB APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT (3) LEC. ELEC 2200 or ELEC 2210. Pr. CHEN 4570 PULP AND PAPER PROCESS DESIGN (3) LEC. The fundamentals of theory, design, and operation of water and wastewater treatment systems are covered. May count either AERO 7160 or AERO 7166. Shear strength; earth pressure theory; gravity, mechanically stabilized, flexible sheet, and anchored structures. CPSC 1233 and CPSC 3303. Visualization skills, computer-aided 3-D solid modeling of parts, 3-D assembly of solid part geometries, computation of mass properties, 2-D engineering drawings, engineering design process, safety, tools and fabrication processes and design, and hands-on shop fabrication of semester project. Pr. May count either AERO 5410 or AERO 6410. COMP 3350/3353 COMPUTER ORGANIZATION AND ASSEMBLY LANGUAGE PROGRAMMING (3) LEC. Failure to do so may jeopardize graduation. ELEC 5710 or ELEC 6710 or ELEC 6716. AERO 5460 PERTURBATION METHODS (3) LEC. Pr. MECH 2110 STATICS AND DYNAMICS (4) LEC. The Engineering Online and Continuing Education Office extends the resources of the Samuel Ginn College of Engineering to the people, businesses and industries of the state. 1. 3. 3. Pr. Free, forced and damped vibration of single and multiple degree-of-freedom systems. INSY 3030 CAD FOR ENGINEERS WITH INDUSTRIAL APPLICATIONS (1) LAB. Departmental approval. Credit will not be given for both INSY 5600 and INSY 6600. A junior or senior with a minimum overall grade average of 2.5 on at least 20 hours of credit earned at Auburn may elect any course to be graded on the S-U option, except for courses required in the Core Curriculum or for required courses as defined by the student’s curriculum. 2. Topics in pulping, chemical recovery and papermaking. May be repeated for credit.
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