Philosophy 160: Introduction to Ethics. Textbook: Chapter 3. Emphasis is on the development and application of reasoning skills for decision making in the moral domain. Syllabus items and associated quiz. The first third of the course will focus on metaethics: we will examine the meaning of moral claims and ask whether there is any sense in which moral principles are objectively valid. Philosophy Opportunities. Course : PHIL200 Title : Introduction to Ethics Length of Course : 8 Prerequisites : N/A Credit Hours : 3 Description Course Description: This course will examine the field of ethics and provide the tools for ethical decision-making. Students will analyze texts for meaning, apply theories learned to various areas of moral concern, This course is designed to introduce the student to the major themes in Ethics which is a subset of Philosophy by exploring central questions and problems in Ethics. Complete Activity #1.1 by 8:30am Key Terms Forms of Ethics ... – A free PowerPoint PPT presentation (displayed as a Flash slide show) on - id: 3f2185-MGY0N Textbook: Chapter 2. Office#: 3976 (do not leave a message, send email or text instead) Mobile#: 361-944-2756 (never after 9:00 p.m., texts much preferred--be sure to identify yourself!) Unit 1 Introduction: Ethical Relativism and Ethical Objectivism June 26 – July 5: Fundamentals of Ethics. We sometimes say that an action is morally right or wrong. Lessons one through nine are intended to offer a comprehensive foundation of the ideals of righteousness, integrity and virtues. Quiz Chapter 1. This web-site is designed to give users a very general "introduction to Ethics." Course Description. 18 David Enoch Why I am an Objectivist About Ethics (And Why You Are, Too) Assignment 1A - DUE: June 30 Introductions Discussion Assignment 1B - DUE: July 5 Threaded Discussions A and B. Quiz 1 2013 • nd The Fundamentals of Ethics 2 ed. ETHC5300 CHRISTIAN ETHICS (ERLC ACADEMY: INTRODUCTION TO ETHICS) NEW ORLEANS BAPTIST THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY Russell D. Moore Visiting Professor of Theology and Ethics President, Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission May 20-21, 2019 Southern Baptist Convention Building 901 Commerce St. Nashville, TN 37203 Mission Statement Don Berkich, Ph.D. Office: FC-280 Hours: MTWR 12:00 - 2:00, and by appointment. 19 Ethical Relativism The Ethical Life. Lecture: What is ethics? This is the course syllabus for Introduction to Ethics, PHIL-2306-002 as taught by Mark Arandia Ethics addresses issues of human values and examines the search for and reasoning behind, what could be identified as ‘right' conduct. Business Ethics Syllabus 4 Planned Course Calendar E A B= Ethics and Business, Kevin Gibson CY* DATE CLASS TOPIC/ASSIGNMENT 1 Aug 23 Introduction to the Course. Discussion(s) Chapter 2 Week 2 July 20 – 26. Introduction to Ethics, Spring 2006 PHIL 160 – Mondays and Wednesdays 11:15am-12:05pm in Bartlett 65 with Friday discussions Instructor: Prof. Kevin Klement Kevin’s Office Hours: Mondays and Wednesdays 2:30-3:30pm, and by appointment Kevin’s Office Location: 353 Bartlett (My mailbox is in room 352 Bartlett) Kevin’s Phone Number: 545-5784 (Office) Stephen Makareth (Monday sections) Elena Garadja (Tuesday … Oxford University Press. In this course we will ask a number of questions about such claims in order to better grasp the nature of morality. Introductions seek to map out a territory or lay the groundwork for more detailed study. What is good business? Aug 28 Overview of business ethics. This course introduces students to philosophical ethics through a combination of analytical, experiential, and historical approaches to its basic questions, divisions, methods, and theories. Arts + Culture. Course Description Students will be introduced to the principles of Ethics … Philosophy raises all the same questions as theology but the … Introduction to Ethics (syllabus) University of Kansas, Fall 2004. 2011. Ch. About the Instructor Course Overview What you will learn In this course I hope to offer you new ways of viewing the world around you, new ways of understanding yourself, your place in the world, and… We will begin by examining certain problems that arise when we try tomake moral judgments: problems such … PART IV: ETHICS, JUSTICE & THE GOOD LIFE (See the Syllabus) In its aim and format the course is more an invitation to do philosophy than an introduction. Dr. Yount will notify students of any changes in course requirements or policies. Key representatives of the history of ethics are presented and major ethical theories are analyzed and critiqued. The materials offer both historical and thematic perspectives on the subject. The Importance of Business Ethics (starting on page 2) Stakeholder Relationships, Social Responsibility, and Corporate Governance (starting on page 28) Textbook Cases: The syllabus is a contract between the student and the professor, and students are responsible for adhering to the policies in the syllabus, as well as in the MCC Catalog and Student Handbook. Sample Syllabus: Introduction to Ethics Course Description: This 10-week course serves as an introduction to philosophy through a number of central issues in moral philosophy. Lecture: General introduction to philosophy and philosophical thinking. Michael Thompson 1029E CL office hours Th 4-6 412 445-7433 (please use text message starting with your name and course) Recitation Section Teachers. Look at the readings for next week and get started. Ch. Guide to Argument Analysis. Many students incorrectly assume this just consists in considering various opinions given by people, and … Students will read texts from classical and contemporary thinkers, discuss the questions they address and the theoretical … Introduction to Ethics, Fall 2019. Week 2 (Aug. 31 – Sept. 4) Ethics in Plato and Aristotle Introduction to Professional Ethics Steve Zanskas, Ph.D., CRC Tonight s Agenda Introductions & review the syllabus Why ethics? Do this every week. Undergraduate Certificate in Health Humanities – offered through the Center for Women’s and Gender Studies. Module One: Introduction to the Study of Ethics. philosophical ethics are the ethics of the world and they are based on such things as duty, pleasure, law, science, etc., whereas Christian ethics are based on right and wrong in the light of the scriptures. Get Support. This course is a thorough introduction to the branch of philosophy named ethics, or moral philosophy. Podcast: LGBTQA+ student experiences with FIU … The Challenge of Cultural Relativism. Lecturer. This course is the investigation and discussion of personal, social, and professional moral issues and the principles and thinking skills used for their resolution. CHED Ethics Syllabus discusses the context and principles of ethical behavior in modern society at the level of individual, society, and in interaction with the environment and other shared resources. What is Morality? Wiley-Blackwell. Reading assignment: EAB, Chapter 1. Russ Shafer-Landau. Delaware Tech syllabus for PHL 103 includes course objectives, course competencies, methods of instruction, catalog description, required textbooks and prerequisite courses. PHL 103 - Introduction to Ethics | Delaware Technical Community College Introduction to Ethics. Textbook Reading Assignment: Ferrell, etc. Quiz Chapter 2. On this page you will find a course overview and below that the official syllabus for the course. – Chapters 1 and 2. Quizzes: Take the syllabus quiz. Description:Thiscourse provides an introduction to those problems of philosophy that areproblems of moralphilosophy, orethics. Undergraduate Certificate in Law, Ethics and Society. This course provides awareness, sensitivity, insights, and skills essential to the success and moral integrity of the person in today's morally … • A notebook for completing writing assignments Course Description: Ethics is the study of how we ought to live. Required Items: • Ethical Theory: An Anthology 5 th ed. Subjectivism in Ethics… Ben Eggleston— Email: Web: Philosophy Resources. Textbook: Chapter 1. Russ Shafer-Landau. Ethics (ETHC) JHU-CTY Course Syllabus . Discussion(s) Chapter 1. Due August 28 by midnight. News. Recognizing ethics in business? Define and appropriately use important terms such as relativism, virtue, duty rights, utilitarianism, natural law, egoism, altruism, autonomy, and care ethics; Demonstrate knowledge of major arguments and problems in ethics; Present and discuss well-reasoned ethical positions in writing; Apply ethical concepts and principles to address moral concerns; This will be a seminar on classic and contemporary work on central topics in ethics.
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