The damage at Sturgeon Point, ON, on Jun 23 was caused by an EF1 tornado (max wind 145 km/h) with length over land 5 km and max width 120 m. In addition to damaging a dock, the tornado ripped off half of a barn roof and tossed it ~100 m. #onstorm", "CTV Montreal - Quebec's first tornado of 2020 touched down Wednesday north of Lac-Saint-Jean", "CBC Manitoba - Tornado hit near Rapid City, Man., Environment Canada confirms", "The Weather Network - Quebec's second tornado of the year confirmed amid powerful storms", "Twitter - Dave Sills - Update - @westernuNTP has confirmed a landspout tornado near Kerwood, ON, on June 30th. Tornadoes most commonly develop during the warm time of the day, as more than 75% of all cases occur during 08:00–15:00 hours UTC with a maximum at 12:00 hours UTC. 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This F-4 tornado struck Louisville just before 8:00 PM on March 27th, 1890. 3. According to the NOAA, between 1991 and 2010, Florida averaged 66 tornadoes a year. 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