Description . Vault 81's cure... oh, the feelz. Head all the way back to Doctor Forsythe. The Vault's 96 residents were isolated from the sealed scientific section of the Vault and used as guinea pigs in clinical trials of the science staff. weight The effect is -10 Max HP. "Give Austin the cure: If the player character gives the cure to the boy, they receive rewards including the syringer rifle and a room in Vault 81. I've … If you chose the latter then unfortunately the cure … Upon discovering Vault 81 and going through some quest lines(“Hole in the Wall”), you’ll get an annoying debuff - a minus ten (-10) to the health. There are a number of hidden Mole Rats here, so move forward carefully. The French accented Miss Nanny, Curie researches in Vault 81 and this is the place where the “ Hole in the Wall” quest can be recruited that will further open up the Vault. If you give him these two items, he will be able to make a single dose cancer cure. This syringe contains a compound developed by Curie that can cure Austin Engill of his mysterious illness. Explained to you as a disease carried by and caught from a mole rat, you have to choose between curing yourself or Austin. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot … Save the boy, you get yourself a free bedroom, and everyone at Vault 81 becomes much nicer. For Fallout 4 on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Please help- Curie keeps going back to vault 81. MS19Cure Cheat for the Cure Open the console with ` (tilde) and type player.additem 00055F10 to get a second copy of the cure … Once more advanced tools come out (GECK), I plan on adding a custom chem station to the Vault 81 lab which allows you to craft a cure only while you have Curie as a companion (and increases bond by doing it). All that was left was a large population of huge, diseased mole rats and a single robotic scientist, left hard at work for 200 years. 4 years ago. You know that developed for Vault-Tec and antithetical to any other vault which is located in the commonwealth, vault81 has nimble dwellers. It is located to the South of Oberland Station along the train tracks, and just West of Chestnut Hillock … There is only one dose given to the player character by Curie and one has to decide if they … This cure is … Fallout 4 Consumable: Vault 81 Cure. It is given to the player character by Curie once they allow her to open the door. #fo4 #fallout 4 #maccready #Robert Joseph MacCready #vault 81… In the room, there also is Rachel, who can cure you, sell you some meds. Vault 81 cure 00055f10. I think it's only -10 hp. helping. However, first you must deliver 3 Fusion Cores. If you chose the latter then unfortunately the cure is all gone (though there’s a little hop if you’re on PC so keep reading). The Mrs. As you explore the hall, killing infected mole rats, you will learn that the true purpose of Vault 81 was to create a universal cure for all disease by infecting and experimenting on the vault … Attribute Value Weight 0.3 Value 400 Strategy Guide/Tips . Vault 81 in Fallout 4 hold a big secret area! The Vault 81 cure is the only cure for the mole rat disease contracted after being bitten by a Vault 81 lab mole rat. 82% Upvoted. editor id Just check the guide below. Go to the reactor and talk to everyone. - Vault 81 Cure/X-111 Compound/Curie's Healthpack reduced healing/radiation healing - Addictions have slightly higher penalties - Increased the price of doctor services (by x2-x3) - Crafting Stimpack/Jet/Mentats requires additional materials. Handy robot is located in Vault 81, however, it’s not as easy as just walking into the Vault and finding her just in any old room. Bring him one sample of the Mysterious Serum and one copy of Vault 81 Medical Research (new item found in Vault 81's hidden section). There is only one dose given to the player character by Curie and one has to decide if they want to give it to Austin or keep it for themselves in the case they have contracted the disease. The video deals with Vault 81’s story and introduces the unique companion Curie. Explained to you as a disease carried by and caught from a mole rat… At last, Curie asks the last survivor to come with him to commonwealth as a companion, for further research with her. Inside the secret area you can actually recruit Curie as your companion. This will last until you take the Vault 81 Cure. You would think a man whose child is sick with a strange disease and who half of his companion quest involves getting a cure for him, would react much differently to saving a sick child’s life. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. How to unlock: after reaching the Vault 81 (M6,3). value As a side effect, the player character keeps the disease permanently (-10 max HP)." 95% Upvoted. Stats . Part 1 – Vault 81 You’ll need to head to Vault 81. The 'Homemade Vault 81 Cure' is added as an alternative stimpak recipe at chemistry stations, which can be crafted using a stimpak and molerat meat. Part 1 – Vault 81 You’ll need to head to Vault 81. *spoilers* User Info: TheTrueWolfboy. Once you enter inside the crypt, try to open the door by using the Pip-Boy. Later, on return to Vault 81 characters will have moved and a visit to the Clinic/Depot will begin the Hole in the Wall Quest, which will give you Curie as a companion, get a syringer and a room in the Vault, allow you to take items out of the Vault… It requires either completion of Vault 81 or a high enough persuasion level to persuade security to let you in. Hole in the Wall Mole rat disease is a potentially permanent effect the player character obtains if bitten by an infected mole rat in Vault 81 during the quest Hole in the Wall. 8. Or… if you were super skilled and made it through the vault … hes uh. She was intelligent, but her medical knowledge was limited to stimpaks and a few chems.
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