Finger placement. Adopt playing with your thumb behind the fretboard, and try avoiding bringing it over the top. Most often, these concerns come from people who have briefly dabbled in practicing the guitar, but didn't feel like they were having any success. My Fingers Are Too Big For Guitar (Fat, Thin, Long, Short) I have been a private guitar teacher for about 30 years now….and taught well over 1000 students. 2. Just keep exercising those fingers. The structural elements of a guitar are what will determine what is preferable for each individual guitarist. Playing the guitar can be a joyful experience. Guitar playing can be a hobby or a passion for many people. What kind of guitar are they playing. Learn More → Playing guitar is a favorite pastime for many, but the finger pain associated with playing often turns people off. By: Michael Black Updated September 15, 2017. guitar image by Victor M. from We break down what is important to do in order to be successful at playing guitar. Worry about fat fingers with regards to playing guitar is a common concern. When it comes to guitar strings, it is an excellent choice if you could get the thinner ones with a small gauge. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Mar 15, 2007 #4 I have a 1992 Hamer Special with P90s. Print . Question by Sambit Tarafdar I am a beginner, my problem is that I have quite fat and meaty fingers. Email . Here’s something you need to understand before we look at the other tips: There is a finite distance between the tip of your thumb and your index finger. Can your fingers really be too fat to play guitar? Or “thin, long, short”. Short fingers are no reason to not play the guitar. Today I want to talk about the “fat finger… I've heard they won't even stop you from playing guitar really well. I know this may sounds like an excuse, and people would say it's just the matter of practicing and getting use to it. I have "fat fingers" but have been playing for over 2 decades, therefore, can play on any type of fretboard. Some guitars even come in 3/4- or short-scale models, making the instrument more compact and accessible to those with smaller hands. One of the most versatile, affordable, and popular instrument you can get as an enthusiast or a dedicated musician is the guitar. Whenever you've got a spare moment, pick up your guitar and do a bit of a workout with the techniques that you find most difficult - barre chords, double-stops, scales, whatever is challenging you. Look at Roy Clark. Tweet . Tips for playing the guitar with small hands. How long have they been playing guitar 2. 12 comments. 9,097 2 2 gold badges 21 21 silver badges 56 56 bronze badges. Works well with my short , slightly chubby fingers. There is no such thing as having ‘too-small’ hands to play guitar. Related. It had a slim profile that year. 76% Upvoted. How to Play a Guitar With Short Fingers. He lost the use of his pinky and ring fingers, leaving him only able to play guitar with his pointer and middle finger. The constant pressure from the guitar strings causes pain and often bleeding or blisters. I’m a pretty big guy, 6′4″ — so my fingers are pretty long. It is not the length of the fingers but the SPAN of the hand that makes the most difference in guitar playing. These type of strings are easier to play and press. Messages 3,383. Guitar is not an easy instrument to just pick up and takes a lot of time to get comfortable with. To decide if any of those issues are something that could be causing your playing to be more difficult. Examples of Famous Guitar Players with Fat Fingers (or no fingers) Check out this post (and video) of Django Reinhardt. hide. I have seriously small fingers. How to Protect Your Fingers When Playing the Guitar. Does anyone know of a way to solve or work around this problem? If the respondent informs me that they have just recently started playing guitar, then small hands and stubby fingers may not be the actual culprit. In this article, we are going to look at all the reasons why you might want to get a short neck guitar. report. Many experts say that it is good to buy a 12 string and string it as a six string. How to Play a Guitar With Short Fingers. “I think my fingers are too fat to play guitar”. When I play chords I tend to block the down strings and buzz up the bass strings. Realize that playing the guitar for a time hardens and shapes your fingertips so time on the instrument is your friend. Unfortunately, that joy is often marred by the frustration of sore and tender fingers, especially if you've just recently started playing. If she is still convinced, after playing with different neck widths, that her fingers are still too short to play barre chords with, then I can throw in a bit of advice. Don’t let these things get you down. We talk about how to overcome the “thought” of having the “wrong” fingers for guitar. I am a heavyset dude. I have short fingers so I play guitars with a 24 3/4" scale which makes stretches easier. The first is stretching, as in “my fingers won’t stretch far enough to create the chord”, and the second is something like “my fingers are too fat to fit altogether”. Robert1950 Member. I got a guitar for Christmas last year. Look for alternate voicings that can be played with only three fingers. guitar technique fingering. The pictures below use the 'F chord' as an example, but can be used all the way up the neck, as there are no open strings involved. Top 3 Best Electric Guitar for Short Fingers: 1. > Do any famous guitarists have short fingers? My brother says my fingers are too fat because I have a really hard time playing some chords. There are many issues to struggle with when first learning guitar, but they can be divided into two camps. I have fairly large hands, but my fingers are short and thick. Share . Your short fingers won’t struggle to wrap around it and play dense chords. Share It. Best Guitars for Short Fingers. While playing the guitar, your comfort level matters the most. How do you learn to play the guitar despite having short and fat fingers? 12 Best Short Scale Electric Guitar Reviews and the Best Short Scale Electric Guitar Brands 1) Squier Vintage Modified Jazzmaster Electric Guitar Featuring full, clear Duncan designed Pickups and excellent fingerboard radius, the Squier Vintage electric guitar comes with all … I have one 25" axe (PRS) but more than that it gets uncomfortable for me. She can try playing the variations of barre chords know as 'Beginner Barres.' Or you might have short, thick fingers where a guitar with a thin neck might not be the best answer. By: Michael Black Updated September 15, 2017. The traditional vintage guitars which have a huge size might not be suitable for kids, teens or even grown-ups who have short hands. Here are some ideas for adjusting your playing and/or the guitar to help you at least play chord progressions: Use a capo so you can play mostly open chords. One of the best guitar players ever, and he only used two fingers. I practiced as often as I could and eventually I could play a couple of songs but I'm still not very good. The answer to the first question often reveals a lot. There are people who practice the guitar right from a very early age. Close. One unique thing about the Taylor Mini-e Koa is the built-in ES-B electronics that allow you to plug in and play wherever you are! Try positioning your thumb directly center under the fretboard and use it as a guide as you play. At least you haven't got banana-finger disease! Thumb placement 4. As for guitar tips for short fingers, fat ones, big ones, etc., the main thing you need to do is develop your technique. The patented Taylor Neck at 1-11/16” makes this bad boy incredibly easy to play. share | improve this question | follow | edited Sep 12 '18 at 23:59. user45266. Generally, this worry is expressed in complaints such as, "I tried playing guitar, but my fingers are just too fat to hold down the strings." Every beginning guitarist I’ve taught has lamented the supposed inadequacy of his/her fingers. This thread is archived. And it never fails that on about the 2nd or 3rd guitar lesson, just about every new student says something like this. Get Your Thumb in Position Many players let the thumb of their fretting hand go lazy when playing chords or individual lines. So if you think you have short fingers or your fingers are too stubby to play the guitar, this lesson is for you. Any tips for someone with short fat fingers trying to play guitar? People have done it before you, and will keep on doing it after you learn. Do you think that it will help for smooth chord changes and smooth guitar playing? By Play Guitar Notes On Oct 19, 2016 Last updated Sep 27, 2019. It’s only a matter of an inch or two, but the difference is massive in terms of playability.. If it hurts at first, you're doing it right, essentially. When it comes to electric guitars, there are no one-size-fits-all options. How do you learn to play the guitar despite having short and fat fingers? Every person to ever pick up the guitar has fretted over some less-than-optimal aspect of their hands. Slim guitar necks are ideal for fast playing. Archived. For the first time in years, I can actually jam on this thing without pain and it fits my hands perfectly. I can play a little guitar and thought this was always holding me back, I really struggled with barre chords! Sort by . Some are too short, some are too fat, some are too skinny, some don’t bend the right way, some are too weak. Post . share. Anyways, here's what worked for me: 1. Problem is my small hands with short fat fingers makes playing the majority of guitars painful. Should I do finger exercises, or go on a finger diet? Fortunately I liked playing guitar way too much to use that as an excuse. Anyways, I had chance today to play a new Gibson Les Paul Firebird T model and love it! Holding the guitar incorrectly 2. You can toughen them up with a little perseverance and TLC. Playing Guitar with Fat Fingers. That’s right; the reason that you believe your larger-than-average fingers are holding you back is that you are producing a sloppy sound. [/quote] My middle finger is the same as yours and my thumb to little finger stretch is less (although IMO the first to fourth finger stretch is a more meaningful measurement) and I play … This country music musician, who so happens to have short fat fingers, not only plays country guitar but the banjo and classical guitar among several other instruments. Hand Placement 3. Is that possible? Squier by Fender Vintage Modified Electric Guitar Share . A short scale guitar has a shorter scale length, making it more comfortable to play if you’re an adult with small hands or you’re shopping for one for a child. Or the wrong hands. I also have a MIJ Epi Riviera. So, I've heard numerous times that fat fingers will not stop you from playing guitar. I placed my guitar across my knees strings up then I put each one of my (4) playing hand fingers one at a time on every string (6) behind every fret (21).I saw that unless I had my finger absolutely crossway, at right angle to the string (impossible to do while playing) there was sufficient room. I find that when trying to play chords, I accidentally cover other strings. 1. save. Just because you think your fingers are too fat to play guitar shouldn't get in your way. These different body shape elements can all play a role in choosing a guitar that is comfortable to play. In order to play the guitar, you must press your fingertips along the strings which are often made of metal. Ah, frog fingers or kermititus to give its technical name. Strings. This is a Short, Fat, Fingers forum at Let’s look at some specific tips to help. Second) A wider neck would not help you if you have wide or fat fingers. If your fingers are hurting, don't give up! Let ‘s take a more in-depth look at the above mentioned possible causes of “thinking,” your hands might be too small, short, or fat to play guitar. Easy Guitar Chords For Beginners - Learn the first guitar chords you need to know on guitar. Still, as a very new guitarist I'm having a lot of issues understanding this. 1. Posted by 2 years ago. I'm not able to think of a truly open chord that can't be played with only three fingers.
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