So, if you are in Saigon, and on the hunt for the best bánh mì in Ho Chi Minh city, here are some additional places to explore. When you get a good bahn mi, you just know it. I mostly loaded it up with veggies! Even before our server would let us eat, she held onto the plate saying “photo”, “photo.”. Your Address. Rosemary, ex-marketing and advertising strategist, is a digital nomad and content creator at Authentic Food Quest. This is definitively a place not to miss in Saigon for the best bánh mì. All you simply need to do is look for a Vietnamese restaurant. With their suggestions in hand, combined with. Create New Account. Address: 62 Nguyen Van Trang, District 1, Hồ Chí Minh City, Hours: Everyday from 8:00 am – 4:00pm (hours vary), Prices: About 12,000 VND to 18,000 VND per sandwich (approximately $0.50 to $0.80 USD). I have most of its ingredients available. Yes, the food is delicious including the banh mi sandwich. But before leaving, we had to get our last taste of bánh mì. When we asked our local host the closest place to get a good, The entrance to Madam Khanh, the Bánh Mì Queen in Hoi An, After a few minutes, the most beautiful sandwich arrived. Hello! Banh Mi Sandwich. A trip to Vietnam for a bahn mi sandwich is always a good idea…no matter what version you get. The French-style baguette, stuffed with an every varying combination of meats, vegetables, and sauces sounds delicious. Never had one abroad before. Get Directions +1 604-553 … I will try these at tea time as a snack. Thanks Carola for stopping by! Hội An, Prices: About 20,000 VND  – 25,000 VND per person, (approximately $0.87 USD – $1.10 USD). Check our blog for instructions on how to reheat vietnamese food . I have never known of this sandwich until just!! The balance between the meat and fresh vegetables and herbs was closer to what we enjoyed in the north. This made my mouth water. Awesome to read that now you are really intrigued to try the Bahn Mi sandwich. Banh mi is the Vietnamese word for bread. So glad you enjoyed the thoroughness of the article. So flavourful! Don’t let the distance keep you from having a Bahn Mi sandwich Cheers. When we asked our local host the closest place to get a good Bánh Mì, she sent us to Madam Khanh, the Bánh Mì Queen which was down the street. It starts with a Viet style french baguette; usually made with a combination of rice and/or wheat flour, resulting in a very light, crackly crust and not overly dense bread. I’m starving now! I am from Iran and in Iran we have a sandwich similar to Bánh Mì Sandwich, the main different is we add cheese to top of everything we put inside the bread. Like a musical band with rock star status, these sandwiches have an almost cult-like following of epicurean devotees. i love the idea that you could have the same sandwich 100 times and never really have the same one twice! Grilled Pork / Thịt nướng. That sandwich looks so good, it’s worth the trip for that alone! Rosemary is the chief content writer and strategist on Authentic Food Quest. :p. Hi Ronnie, you can also find Bahn Mi sandwiches in the U.S or Europe. In a recent article we wrote about the 5 reasons you want to stay with locals on your travels, we talked about getting the scoop from the locals. Here in the UK it isn’t really somewhere where most people woudl visit. The Bahn Mi sandwiches are versatile and you never get tired of them. 2340 West Bell Road, Suite 110 Phoenix, AZ 85023 (1-17 & Bell Plaza) Buy 5 Banh Mi get 6th Free. You are right Kita, the cuisine in SE Asia is exceptional. The pace was rushed and the ambiance harried. […] bánh mì sandwich is truly the best Vietnamese sandwich to fall in love with. With our little green Banh Mi school bus, we have been to great farmers markets, awesome breweries, fun events and weathered some good snow storms together. That’s great that you discovered a great place in London. A Vietnamese Banh Mi Sandwich is stuffed with various marinated meats, cucumbers, herbs, and pickled veggies. I love the culture and the food so much! The only minus or negative was the fatty pork. With so much delicious food to eat and so little time, we did not have the chance to personally eat at all the bánh mì addresses that we had. Yes you are totally right about the Maggi! The sandwich was heavy in weight and filled with several layers of meat. our mission is to bring to market the tastiest Vietnamese sandwiches and other Vietnamese-inspired delicatessen using the finest ingredients at an affordable price. Crowded and everyone waiting for their bánh mì sandwiches at Huynh Hoa, Next to that cart was a smaller cart, with ingredients managed by a gruff old man in a military fashion. Cheers! You’ve got to give Bahn Mi sandwiches a try, especially in Vietnam. . If you're within 5 miles free delivery for orders $35+. 5. Have you ever had a bánh mì the famous Vietnamese sandwich before? These were our best bánh mì sandwiches in Ho Chi Minh City. I have celiac disease though so I can’t eat bánh mì sandwiches. We arrived in Hoi An, tired and hungry. We’d love to get to Ho Chi Minh city one day! Wow, pure heaven of a write up on the sandwich. Do you have a favorite Bahn Mi place in Vietnam? On our quest for authentic food in Vietnam, we absolutely fell in love with the bánh mì sandwich. Our biggest concern is whether the place will maintain its authenticity. You’re making my belly rumble. Their mission is to help you enjoy the best local specialties on your travels or via recipes in your home kitchen. They are definitively delicious in Vietnam. I much prefer a meal, any day, over a sandwich. Check out your local Vietnamese restaurant and do let us know what you think. While tasty, we also found one of the sauces used to be on the sweeter side. The best part is the bread which is baked fresh daily at the bakery next to the restaurant. Hope you get to Bahn Mi Queen one day so that you can enjoy it too. Topped with an egg and the bread slightly toasted, this sandwich is divine. Oh my, your post made me so hungry! We ordered the classic Vietnamese sandwich with pork (Bánh Mì Thịt) and one with an additional egg added. (305) 905-5006. Fresh omelette in the bánh mì sandwich at Hong Hoa! Cheers. There are many variations to the Bahn Mi sandwich and I’m sure you’ll be able to find one that’s just right for you. For Claire, the bread or baguette would immediately transport her back to France, where she has many fond memories of the simple pleasures of a baguette sandwich. We had been told Hoi An had some of the best bánh mì sandwiches in Vietnam, and we were eager to find out for ourselves. The place was already busy with motorcycles constantly stopping by to place orders. Vietnamese baguette sandwiches, called Banh Mi, have attracted a loyal fan base like never before. Where so far has been your favorite place for the local food? They have so much flavor and it’s hard not to love anything served on French bread. I have never been there but that sandwich looks so good and tasty. One bánh mì with everything, including a fried egg which is the bánh mì thịt bò với trứng or #12 and #9 with ham and pate, plus the addition of an egg. Your description of the bánh mì goes directly to my heart (or I should say my stomach) as I really enjoy this sandwich that can be consider as a complete dish. Mmm, girl, I had my first banh mi only a few years ago! Thank you! She hang around the table for a few minutes watching us take photos, and only left after we showed us the pictures we had taken. We are now open for dine in again at 50% capacity. Never been to Vietnam but I looove banh mi. All these places look delish! Hoi An sounds like the best spot with a good mix of meat and salad, I think the 8-meat bánh mì in Ho Chi Minh would’ve been a little too much for me . Take our quiz and get your food traveler profile in minutes! I’ve been to Hanoi for 2 weeks for business and i’ve tried Banh mi Hanoi twice and when coming across this post (omg it’s helpful), I wonder how other types of Banh mi taste like. evolve, we were curious to taste the differences in the bánh mì from Saigon. Hope you can visit the country soon and experience the culture and food. The majority of Viet bakeries strive & compete to achieve a golden, crackly crust with just a touch of center, where most of the baguette is more crust than center. Yes, they are the best sandwiches. Log In. Thank you so much Kim. Delivery. A great reading for me, thank you for sharing this such a wonderful article. There used to be some places near my old apartment and I would walk there at least once a week. Glazed chicken breast topped with cucumbers, jalapenos, pickled carrots, and cilantro . Maybe it would be one of many good reasons for a trip? This is one of my favourite sandwiches. He spoke just enough English to tell me very sternly “, The bánh mì sandwich operation at Huynh Hoa, Filling bánh mì with slices of cucumber, peppers, onion and cilantro at Huynh Hoa, Hong Hoa, well known for its delicious Banh Mi the famous Vietnamese sandwiches. The perfect sandwich, in my humble opinion. Tags Sandwich Theory Vietnamese Vietnam Lunch Pork Since 1995, Epicurious has been the ultimate food resource for the home cook, with … Grilled pork topped with cucumbers, jalapenos, pickled carrots, and cilantro in a toasted baguette. I haven’t been to Vietnam yet, but I just have some imagination If you asked me to guess, I wouldn’t be able to do so. Great post with so much passion and detail. Looks so good! Please look around the site and join us by subscribing to our newsletter. I think it’s so awesome that at Bánh Mì Queen they wanted you to take photos! Posted on May 26, 2020. The sandwich was very fresh and filled with unique flavors and delicious herbs. Only joking! I can’t even imagine how delicious they must be over there. … It’s never too late, Tami to have Vietnamese food. Prepare to fall in love with it. So there is a bread for almost everyone. I can’t wait… Thank you! You will find famous Chinese temples, Japanese bridge, pagodas, ancient shop houses and old canals. Forgot account? She is also co-author of. What is it called in Iran? Cheers. After a trip to Cambodia a few years ago I have been itching to get back, see the people, taste the food, find a backalley massage parlor (that was the best). In a recent article we wrote about, the 5 reasons you want to stay with locals on your travels. Thanks so much and glad you enjoyed the article!! BANH Mi BAR. Thanks for your support!! I’d be curious how different the taste would be from the ones in Vietnam?? It looks so juicy and full of fresh ingredients! If Vietnam is not on your travel plans, check out a Vietnamese restaurant in your area and be prepared to delight in the food! “That’s a symphony in a sandwich” is how Anthony Bourdain described the most famous Vietnamese sandwich called the Bánh Mì. awesome! The restaurant is a typical shophouse with a with a walk-up counter on the exterior where you can choose from several types of bánh mì sandwiches. Complimentary Delivery. Considering Vietnam is on my bucket list, I like how you listed the pros and cons of each establishment you visited. The traditional meats you find in bánh mì are pork, pâté, and cured ham. While we found the sandwich very fresh, we found it way too heavy on the meat. At Banh Mi Pho U! Order online and track your order live. Banh Mi or Bánh mì to give it the correct tones is the Vietnamese word for bread! I may not be making it to Vietnam anytime soon but I have a Vietnamese restaurants in my neighboorhood. One of my favorite parts of traveling is trying authentic foods and all of these sandwiches sound amazing. Typically, the vegetables are coriander, cucumber, carrot, slices, radish and more depending on what part of the country you are in. Not Now. These ones look delicious. That said, for visitors to Ho Chi Minh City, indulging in what is considered by many as the best bánh mì in Saigon, is an experience not to be missed. Explore other popular cuisines and restaurants near you from over 7 million businesses with over 142 million reviews and opinions from Yelpers. C. That’s really interesting about Bahn mi in Prague…that sounds like a trip worth taking!! What goes in a banh mi sandwich? Yes, definitively a trip to Vietnam is warranted for the food. Where is your favorite place to get the sandwich? Is this the sort of food that is also usually available in Vietnamese restaurants or is it only really found in Vietnam? 140 NE 39th St. Design District. Oh, girl. Find a Banh Mi near you or see all Banh Mi locations. Menu. This sandwich is really looking so delicious and yummy. What a great choice of restaurants and very informative. TRAN AN 96 $$Vietnamese, Sandwiches, Soup. Start Group Order. Definitively keep this as a resource for a future visit to Vietnam. All things considered, this Bánh Mì sandwich is an experience to have in Hoi An. Would love to explore the food in Iran one day!! Do let us know if you end up going there at some point!! Stock Up with our buy 5 get 6th banh mi free. or #12 and #9 with ham and pate, plus the addition of an egg. Thanks, Kate. The bánh mì sandwich is beloved in Vietnam. Hope you can get to Vietnam soon and compare and contrast with the local version. We bit into them with eager anticipation. Banh Mi Near Me – Search for the closest banh mi near you. Open today until 8:30 PM. of them I think I ate in Vietnam. Just as we had noticed the taste of the famous beef noodle soup. Pickup. I love the idea of coriander and chilli sauce in a sandwich! The sandwich gained popularity around the world after the Vietnam War. Mi-Sant Banh Mi Co. offers unique tastes to the banh mi while maintaining its integrity. 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One trendy version in the north is the kebab bánh mì sandwich. You are right, Anthony Bourdain did have a way with words. A UNESCO World Heritage site, Hoi An in central Vietnam is an atmospheric old town with Chinese and Japanese influenced architecture. What Makes for the Best Bánh Mì Sandwich? 359 people follow this. Looking at the bánh mì, I think I’d enjoy Vietnam food. Good to know that DC has a lot of Vietnamese restaurants. So many delicious Bánh Mì, I actually didn’t have the chance to try them on my short visit to Vietnam, so I am definitely going back! Explore other popular cuisines and restaurants near you from over 7 million businesses with over 142 million reviews and opinions from Yelpers. Please let us know. Lucky you Absolutely incredible in Vietnam. I felt like I was in Vietnam while reading this! Thanks Steph and hope you make your bahn mi pilgrimage to Vietnam soon. You will be served good macarons and tasty ice cream. Favorite local dish: Bacalhau. I think about everything else except a sandwich!! Street cart with typical ingredients for a bánh mì sandwich. You will find famous Chinese temples, Japanese bridge, pagodas, ancient shop houses and old canals. To taste nicely cooked pork sandwiches, chicken and spring rolls is a really good idea. Pour the cooled vinegar mixture over the carrot, radish, and onion in a bowl, and allow to stand for … Thanks for stopping by!! Thanks,Vicky for stopping by! The local and authentic food is indeed one of the best parts of travel. Cook for about … It is also a sandwich similar to the Vietnamese Bánh mì  although lacking some of its fresh herbs and delicate […]. Vietnamese Pork Roll. More. Cheers. Cheers. View Menu . Like a musical band with rock star status, these sandwiches have an almost cult-like following of epicurean devotees. With their suggestions in hand, combined with recommendations we found online, here are the places we had a chance to discover. I found your site today from Natalie at Suitcase Entrepreneur and had to laugh seeing this post because I just made myself a Bahn Mi sandwich for lunch, fondly remembering the dozens (hundreds?) You’ll be surprised just how much you will love it! The bread was incredibly fresh and tasty. If you’ve not been to Vietnam, hope you can get there soon and indulge!! Authentic Food Quest participates in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program designed to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. The bánh mì sandwich gets its origin from the French influence on Indochina. Bánh Mì Hồng Hoa, was not far from where we were staying and we got there before noon to pick up sandwiches to go. Typically, the vegetables are coriander, cucumber, carrot, slices, radish and more depending on what part of the country you are in. I love Banh Mi! Definitively, our best bánh mì sandwich in Vietnam. Come enjoy a cup of rich, locally-sourced coffee or tea to start off your day! Find the best banh mi places near your location. To get to Phnom Penh, the capital, we chose to take the 6-hour direct bus from Ho Chi Minh City to Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Sandwich Shop in New Westminster, British Columbia. And he so accurately described the sandwich. sandwich is an experience to have in Hoi An. At first I was super confused by the concept of a Vietnamese sandwich, but then I remembered the French influence! I accept the Privacy Policy if( get_option( 'gdpr_consent_until_display' ) === '1' ){ ?>* for } ?> if( get_option( 'gdpr_consent_until_display' ) === '1' ){ ?> Click to select the duration you give consent until. , we talked about getting the scoop from the locals. That’s so funny that you had just made yourself a Bahn Mi sandwich That’s an alignment!! Oh wow, if you have so many Vietnamese restaurants in your area, go ahead and try the Bahn Mi sandwich. Thanks for stopping by. run by Vietnamese families and folks – not quite as authentic as going to Vietnam though . Glad you enjoyed the article and the inspiration to make something new at home. Address: 26 Le Thi Rieng, District 1,  Hồ Chí Minh City, Prices: About 33,000 VND per sandwich (approximately $1.44 USD). … I love sandwiches. Cannot wait to eat this, my mouth is filled with water already. I’ll be honest, I’ve never considered visiting Vietnam. All of the banh mi look so delicious and it awesome you can get different choices. You could tell that she had been trained to make sure only the best and most flattering pictures of the Vietnamese sandwich are taken. Your email address will not be published. So where can you find these incredible Vietnamese sandwiches?  Help others find your favorite place by commenting on the appropriate region’s listing. Your photos are making me drool! The Bahn Mi sandwiches in Vietnam are nothing like the ones in the U.S. This famous Vietnamese sandwich has been consistently ranked as one of the world’s best sandwich. It is a quintessential French-inspired Vietnamese sandwich that is delicious, filling and cheap. Then, additional bánh mì ingredients are a mélange of Vietnamese herbs and vegetables. Banh-Mi Grill Full Menu Hours: 11:00 AM - 5:30 PM. After a few minutes, the most beautiful sandwich arrived. At this restaurant, you will be offered Vietnamese cuisine. We were in Vietnam this past summer and the food was just amazing! Closed Now. To discuss ways to advertise or partner, please visit our media page. The whole banh mi sandwich is ready in 5-7 minutes tops! Vietnamese Sandwich Restaurant in Houston. The affordable pricing will make your pocket book happy!! My version of a Vietnamese sandwich banh mi is very quick to make because I am not cooking any meats. I used to pick them up in China Town in Toronto but I have to say these look far better than the ones I have had in Toronto. Click to select the duration you give consent until. Lucky for you, we have Food Trail for Hanoi available on our website that is dedicated entirely to helping you discover the local specialties in Hanoi. Bánh Mì: the Best Vietnamese Sandwich to Fall in Love With. She is also co-author of Authentic Food Quest Argentina and Authentic Food Quest Peru, available on Amazon. Menu. This look so delicious, and such a flavour packed way to Bánh mì sandwiches! Let us know in the comments below, where you had it and what you thought of it. Get delivery from Banh-Mi Grill super-fast to your door. Great that you have them in Chinatown, Toronto. There is one place here in Raleigh that’s a little hole in the wall but they have the best! We have a great place here in Seattle (a few actually!) This sandwich is a culinary journey filled […], […] the baguette to Cambodia called nom pang in Khmer. I need to get to Vietnam. Rosemary is the chief content writer and strategist on Authentic Food Quest. The food in Vietnam is quite exceptional and you will love it when you eventually get there. Our high standards of quality, quick-service, and cleanliness will establish our reputation as the go-to sandwich and pho shop. About See All. I’m sure they are delicious as well. , Hoi An in central Vietnam is an atmospheric old town with Chinese and Japanese influenced architecture. We made our way over to Bánh Mì Phượng without any expectations. Please continue to follow social distancing rules while dining inside. I can’t wait to delve further into your website. Thanks for stopping by. It was my go-to for lunches in Vietnam. I’d love to sample it, but flying there is currently not an option. Perfect, sounds like this article went to the heart of a bahn mi lover. I will definitely try that once I visit this place. Are you thinking to yourself “How do I find banh mi near my location”? 0. I’m on a low carb diet so I’m kinda hating you now! A few other may be content on creating a Viet baguette that is a little more soft and chewy on the outside, and a little more “hoagie” like. Vietnamese restaurant by way of craveworthy, scratch made Banh Mi sandwiches, curries, springrolls, salads and Chef's Specials. Address: 2B Phan Châu Trinh, Minh An, Tp. For this reason, we turned to our local, to guide us to the best bánh mì in Saigon. Appreciate you stopping by. It’s not always the case. The bahn mi is one amazing sandwich, especially in Vietnam. The restaurant does not have any seating area, so after waiting in line, we went outside to look for some shelter from the rain, and devour the best bánh mì in Ho Chi Minh City. Did you like it? Address: 115 Trần Cao Vân, Sơn Phong, Tp. Agree, pho is delicious and trip to Vietnam will turn you into a Bahn Mi fan as well. I used to have a really great banh mi place around the corner from where I lived in London and it became a Saturday ritual. Bookmarked this for when I eventually go on a banh mi pilgrimage to Vietnam! This Banh Mi sounds incredible. The sandwich also had homemade mayonnaise and topped with chili sauce. A Vietnamese sandwich (banh mi means bread in Vietnamese) that’s become a street food sensation. The baguette was introduced by the French, but appropriated by the Vietnamese in the 1950s when they started calling it the bánh mì or wheat bread. Thanks for stopping by Dave. Thanks for sharing. Join us on a journey through Vietnam as we discover what makes the bánh mì the best Vietnamese sandwich to fall in love with. Vietnamese Bánh Mì Sandwich – My recipe for a classic Vietnamese Bánh Mì sandwich is based on the most popular variant of this snack, Bánh mì xá xíu, (BBQ or smoked pork) and uses some extra fusion ingredients, namely Korean Kimchi in place … Contact. Thank you so much Rhonda for jumping over onto Authentic Food Quest after the mention on Natalie’s site. We arrived in Hoi An, tired and hungry. 4.9 (56 Ratings) $0.00 delivery fee. Find out What kind of food traveler are you? THH’s menu features a wide selection of authentic, flavorful Vietnamese dishes, Banh Mi sandwiches, soups, appetizers, and sides. Did I mention there's free wifi? Favorite way to keep fit: Running. It looks like you have tasted a great variety of them. That’s great to hear Bahn Mi sandwiches are the best!! Ancient beauty and charm! One bánh mì with everything, including a fried egg which is the. Contact & inquiries at, The Best Bánh Mì -Vietnamese Sandwiches, Locate & Post Your Favorite Bánh Mì Shop. Cheers and let us know if your travel plans take you to the country. Totally worth the effort. Haha, it’s cute how the lady handed over your sandwich to you saying ‘photo photo’ I have never heard of the Banh Mi sandwich, but you speak so highly of it that I am sure it deserves a try. Thanks for stopping by!! TThanks for putting some of the best places to find this incredible looking sandwich! The massages are very affordably priced as well Did you like the Cambodian version of the Bahn Mi sandwiches? this post has made me so hungry I might try and make me one of those myself. On my end, I’m personally not a huge sandwich fan. Beyond the delicious flavors, we liked this sandwich for two different reasons. I’ve never heard of this sandwich before! This is sad because I am 42 years old. In addition to being a World Heritage site, it is also known for its local food specialties. When we got to the stand, there was only one item on the menu –  Bánh Mì. Rosemary, ex-marketing and advertising strategist, is a digital nomad and content creator at Authentic Food Quest. Layered in with the meat were a few slices of cucumber, peppers, onion, cilantro and a few shreds of carrots. DC has a lot of Vietnamese restaurants. Thanks Valerie for stopping by! All the goodness in Banh Mi Phuong #9: pork, pate, ham, egg and more (bánh thịt heo với ham và paté với trứng). or. the self-guided food trail to navigate the local food scene. Agreed, it was surprising to be allowed to take photos. Thanks for stopping by. Thanks Jessica for stopping by. Although, I wasn’t daring enough to do the pate on it. You’re making me eager to book another flight to Vietnam! The uniqueness of these sandwiches not only lies within the french influenced baguette, but it’s also the flavor packed, savory Find the best Banh Mi near you on Yelp - see all Banh Mi open now and reserve an open table. After waiting patiently for our order, we sat at a corner table to savor this delicious bánh mì Vietnamese sandwich. Lucky you for having delicious options right in your area. Not surprisingly, we were met by a long line of tourists waiting in place, while others snapping photos in front of the endorsement by Anthony Bourdain. Served with Slow Dough Bread Company! I usually like some items from the veitnam but I think I should try its sandwiches for sure. Updates. Hong Hoa, well known for its delicious Banh Mi the famous Vietnamese sandwiches We ordered the classic Vietnamese sandwich with pork (Bánh Mì Thịt) and one with an additional egg added. Place Order Call (832) 672-5690 Get directions Get Quote WhatsApp (832) 672-5690 Message (832) 672-5690 Contact Us Find Table View Menu Make Appointment. We are always cautious about the quality of food at local places that receive celebrity endorsement. If there is a Vietnamese restaurant in your area, highly recommend getting one. Pinning for future reference! In each bite, there is a wealth of textures and flavors. Banh mi is a combination of French delicacies such as the baguette, pate and mayo combined with Vietnamese flavors like pickled carrots and daikons, cucumbers, and cilantro. they look amazing! Vietnamese baguette sandwiches, called Banh Mi, have attracted a loyal fan base like never before. Home. OMG I love this post! In early 2017, the opportunity to have our very first brick and mortar location presented itself. These were our best bánh mì sandwiches in Ho Chi Minh City. Banh Mi is the term for a Vietnamese baguette made with a combination of wheat and rice flours. I’m a sucker for a baguette so I’m sure this is right up my ally! May be I need to make my way to Vietnam to try the real deal . Cheers Brittany. But there is one thing certain for sure – a banh mi … The one from Saigon seems like the one I might really enjoy. Try one at your local Vietnamese restaurant and let us know what you think of it! I am not too fond of sandwiches in general, just like you, but Banh Mi seems to have converted you so I am really keen on giving it a shot myself! I love Southeast Asian cuisine. I have heard so many people talk about these sandwiches but never tried one. Thanks for stopping by! I’m from Vietnam and I’m so proud of Banh Mi! Knowing how much I REALLY wanted to try them my husband decided not to have any himself even though I kept telling him it was ok. Thanks for stopping by. Simply delightful. Within no time, you will discover for yourself why the Vietnamese sandwich is the best bánh mì to fall in love with. Cheers! CONTACT:(408)374-8388. You can read more about the different fillings and recipes that go into the bánh mì sandwich here. So glad you enjoyed the article. After seriously falling in love with bánh mì sandwiches in Hoi An, we were eager to discover the sandwiches in the south. Now I really want to!! Definitely a good reference for when I visit in the future! 336 people like this . It certainly is a country that has a rich history and an amazing culinary tradition.
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