Eldorado Cliffstone Mesquite 424. reclaimed brick slips www.realstonecladding.co.uk. Eldorado Hillstone Blue 470. For many years now, brick has been widely known as one of the best building materials on the planet. Over 100 cladding stones for covering walls internally or externally on any building project. STONEPANEL™ cladding is the only natural stone pre-assembled product on the market that is backed by BBA certification and offers installation advantages over traditionally built natural stone. Stone effect cladding for fireplaces . Option 2: Random Guillotined  Manufactured to specific thicknesses, stone are split into square/rectangular blocks of various sizes. Kopestone Gold - Cast stone cladding is manufactured in the UK using a process that replicates existing colours and textures of… View products. brick tiles , brick veneer as well as Real Brick Cladding are UK Eldorado Fieldledge Veneto 426. Eldorado Stacked Stone Nantucket 427. The panels and quoins are made of natural stone, quartzite, granite, limestone, sandstone or slate. Prices of stone cladding panels start from only £28 + VAT per square metre upwards. brick sheets , brick wall panels and stone cladding are also supplied. Quick View. & tiles and brick effect wall tiles. Option 5: Specials Specific profile of stone, giving a dramatic finish. & tiles and brick effect wall tiles. We are main distributors of Tier Natural Stone Cladding and have a range of real stone and slate panel systems specifically designed to create a natural stone finish wherever it is used. Eldorado Hillstone Blue 473. One of the largest ranges in the UK. Kopestone Gold £ 14.96 – £ 38.83 EX VAT. We have an experienced team on hand to assist our customers with both the design and technicalities of any project. suppliers of interior and exterior brick slips. The brick finish is gaining in popularity, and homeowners around the world choose to install it on their building, both inside and outside. OOS. Eldorado Cliffstone Mesquite 425. This contemporary cladding system is quick and easy to install due to it's modular form. Mobile-Friendly Web Design by Summit Web Solutions. External stone cladding is popular as a replacement for old render, external feature walls or as a mix with timber cladding … Each individual panel is made of natural stone materials including quartzite, gneiss, limestone, sandstone or slate joined to a cement base reinforced with a light metal or fibre glass mesh at the base." Real Brick Cladding are UK suppliers of interior and exterior brick slips and brick tiles, brick veneer as well as reclaimed brick slips & tiles and brick effect wall tiles. ZClad TM is a cladding system made from natural stone. Stone cladding is a stylish but practical finish to any property, from commercial buildings to residential homes. If you would like more information on how to install our cladding, please see our Master Guide. Coursed Pitch face Sandstone Buff Material : cast Stone . External wall caldding helps give the impression that the building is made up entirely of stone. Shown above in sumptuous charcoal, this cladding is for the bold who favour a strong expression of style, who dare to ask for more. Modern, Cost Effective & Efficient At Stone Solutions we are now offering a wide range of Natural Stone Cladding. Eldorado Stacked Stone Nantucket 466. Of course, on the market, we will find many cladding options with a brick finish, and one of them is imitation brick cladding . Brick cladding vs brick veneer - what's the difference. 9 tips to fix it right! As we have such an extensive selection of stone, to make things easier we have grouped the cladding into sections dependent on the type of finish you would like. Stone Cladding Panels. Option 4: Rectangular Definitive rectangular shape stone of various sizes. Let’s find out more about this popular product. The modular z-shaped panels give a seamless finish for straight walling and cornering making it … Home Products Special Offers News contact us Stone cladding . If you would like more information on how to install our cladding, please see our Master Guide. But not many people are aware of the fact that similar effect can be created in two ways - by the installation of brick veneer or cladding . in developing solutions for wall building both inside and out . The unweathered basalt stone that our stone cladding tile products are manufactured from exhibit pristine grey to black colouring that has been untouched by the elements for millions of years and is peerless in terms of beauty in the natural stone world. Imitation brick cladding - why is it not a good choice? Welcome to the new STONE SOURCE CLADDING website, bringing NEW AND EXCLUSIVE MATERIAL to the UK market. Tier Cladding Brochure. Eldorado Coastal Reef Sanibel 422. How to put brick slips on the wall? Coursed Pitch face Portland Grey Material : Cast Stone . We are able to offer bespoke design solutions to meet your exact cladding requirements. Eldorado Cliffstone Manzanita 475. 10 reasons to choose Tier Stone Cladding : 1. The decorative stone effect wall coverings have a wide variety of stones and colours, ranging from white stone effect, through various shades of grey to black and also brown and beige tones so you can personalize your space. If you are wondering what is brick veneer cladding, you should read this article! Eldorado Hillstone Blue 474. Stone Cladding Range Whether used indoor or out, stone cladding can bring small and large areas of your home to life. Most of the stones are sawn at the back, sometimes sides as well, allowing quick and efficient fixing to wall surfaces using proprietary adhesive. Our stone wall cladding reflects a serene environment. Tier Stone Cladding "Stone cladding is a specialist stone panel system, suitable for walls, facades both internally and externally. Come and see our inpirations! Exterior Cladding Tiles and Wall Cladding Tiles UK in Natural Stone or Porcelain. How to select the right brick for it? To know more about exterior stone cladding tiles in the UK , Contact now. EAZYCLAD STONE CLADDING. Natural Stone Cladding is a modern, cost effective and efficient approach to traditional stonemasonry without comprising on the natural quality of genuine stonework and can be used for both interior and exterior projects. A striking three dimensional surface to this natural stone strips makes it ideal for feature wall stone cladding, free length x 37.5 mm strips are arranged onto 500 x 150 x 11-20 mm interlocking panels for ease of fixing and giving a more random overall effect. Our operation is based in Inverness, where we have our workshop, showroom and displays – Come in and see what we have in stock. Exterior stone cladding is ideal if you want to update the facade of your house or when the use of full-thickness external stone is either not possible or not financially viable. Brick cladding systems. Is this product worth investing in? Linear/stacked cladding of various heights split, sawn, honed or mixed natural finishes, giving a spectacular contemporary look. If you have any queries or questions, please contact our sales team who will happily talk you through the process. We’re not surprised! Each panel is composed of a number of individual natural stones that have been dressed by hand and adhered together with a cement back reinforced with a light metal or fibre glass mesh. Interior Wall Stone Cladding Stone tiling for your internal walls will add a dramatic effect to your home's interior decorative styling. Lately, it is also being used as a cladding element, both outside and inside the buildings. Wall cladding stone can be installed by a reasonably experienced DIYer or a trades person. Free Mainland* UK Delivery on all orders £500 or more 4.65 out of 5 on Review IO ... Natural stone cladding is the use of a thin layer of stone that’s commonly applied to the exterior of a building or structure to achieve a textured appearance. Thin stone veneer is so light and flexible making it possible to use stone in places where use of typical … The brick finish is getting more and more popular than ever, and it is being installed both externally and internally by a lot of homeowners. Stone looking wall cladding is becoming more and more popular all over the UK with quarries shutting down and the high cost of transporting it we are not surprised and continue to develop our range and expertise. Our vast range of non-structural decorative stone tiles, replicate natural stone and can be adhered to most normal internal or external walls. Split face tiles, wall cladding, stone cladding. Eldorado Hillstone Blue 472. Brick cladding systems, brick panels, brick sheets, brick wall panels and stone cladding are also supplied. SC460581 VAT No. Exterior Wall Stone Cladding Stone panelling for your external walls will add a dramatic effect to your house or garden. With over 30 years experience within the stone industry, Stone Source know their stone, and are excited to bring this range of high quality natural stone cladding the UK market. , brick wall panels and stone cladding are also supplied. Eldorado Roughcut Autumn Leaf 423. Stone Cladding. Stone cladding panels come if different shapes and sizes depending on your requirements, but often give a natural look and feel to meet your desired aesthetic appearance. With so many options available and each offering a strong and bold look, stone cladding is the perfect choice for when you are rejuvenating your home or garden or for when you want to create an architecturally stunning new home. Panels interlock together eliminating the need for specialist labour and are quick and easy to install. Eldorado Stacked Stone Santa Fe 471. Kopestone Castle Rock - Cast stone cladding is manufactured in the UK using a process that replicates existing colours and textures… View products. 172 4800 18, www.specify-uk.com | brick panels , Available in Ash Grey and Ebony. Have you always dreamed of beautiful brick walls in your living room or kitchen, end wonder: How to apply brick slips on your own? These stone items make it impossible to distinguish thin stone cladding from full thickness walling stone. Norstone Stone Cladding Interior Stone Cladding Follow On Prices from £30.00 + vat . The total thickness of thin stone veneer sheets varies from 0.5 to 4 mm.
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