Taking personal safety seriously is important for seniors. In fact, the National Institutes of Health reports that 1.6 million seniors go to the emergency room as the result of falls each year. One of the most important safeguards you can take as a senior is having emergency contact information easily available and ready so you aren’t frantically fumbling for them in the case of an emergency. Use a Medical Alert System. The Charlotte, NC TV station, THV11, did a news story on this fact: Instead of using a rock or flower pot to hold a spare key, security expert Julius Ulanday of Security Consultants in the Charlotte area recommends installing a lock box like the ones realtors use. SeniorSafetyAdvice.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. Never leave a note on the door that says you are out (example: maybe you are expecting a friend to drop by, but you suddenly realize you have to dash out for a few minutes. This means locking doors and windows and ensuring that the entire house is locked up when nobody is home. Checklist for Elderly Living Alone. by Natalie Brown. They are more likely to run into health problems and accidents than younger people, especially when living independently. To ensure safety and proper care in the event of an accident or injury, all seniors should develop a list of emergency contacts and keep it by the phone. Its services include a home safety evaluation. ... older Americans living alone with no close family support. One of the most emotionally complex and difficult things a person can experience is taking care of an elderly parent. Feeling lonely and a little overwhelmed by your independence is natural at first, but it will pass as y… Simple adjustments don’t require a lot of money but can make a big difference, Oden says. 14 Home Safety Tips for Seniors Who Live Alone 1. Fortunately there are gadgets and products for elderly people who live alone that can help make daily life easier. Living alone, seniors have only themselves to rely on in case of a medical emergency. How do You Keep Alzheimer’s Patients Safe At Home? Keep these contacts in an easily accessible area and, if necessary, ensure that the font is large enough for easy viewing. All of the items detailed in this article are applicable to seniors with dementia or Alzheimer’s. This doesn’t mean this has to slow us down or stop us from doing the things we love. You might want to get an emergency alert system. Install handholds and bars in the bathroom, 5 Steps for Building A Strong Client-Caregiver Relationship. Luckily, there are ways to ensure that living alone is safer for seniors around the country. 1. … Install deadbolt locks and always change the existing locks if you move to a new home. We talked to the leading specialists in aging, eldercare and geriatrics to decide on the products and then found the brands offering the best bang for your buck. State Medicaid Program Contact Information. In addition to preventing frantic trips to the pharmacy, this approach also makes it easier to stay on track in the event that a senior misplaces his or her medication. These living alone tips will guide you through some common emotions and challenges many of us face during this life transition. But they are not just for women. You can read more about how walking benefits seniors in our article, Why Is Walking Good For Older Adults? Copyright © {2018} {SeniorSafetyAdvice.com} Powered by Customify. The following 8 tips will effectively increase female living alone safety. If the senior goes away to visit friends or family for a period, a friend or family member should retrieve the senior’s mail and packages from the doorstep so that the house doesn’t look vacant. We both have years of experience in senior care – Esther as an Occupational Therapist and Robin as a Dental Hygienist and we have both cared for our elderly parents. This allows the support system to help if something is awry and makes it easier for loved ones to spot potential dangers. As far as products for elderly living alone, perhaps none is more useful than grab bars. Don’t leave your windows open at night “to get fresh air.” Burglars look for easy opportunities to get into a home and open windows and doors might as well have a neon sign pointing to them that says, “Come On In!” An elderly neighbor of mine always slept with his windows and front door open to the breeze (his screen door was locked). Is it normal to struggle with loneliness during lockdown? What’s more, senior isolation can contribute to depression, poor health, and the worsening of cognitive decline. Choose a Safe Apartment. Zoë Burnett / BuzzFeed 1. Getting up from the toilet alone, or in and out of the shower safely is a key to staying safely on your feet. But in order to have a great experience, you need to make sure that you take your specific needs into consideration and make adjustments that will allow you to live safely and happily. In addition to preventing break-ins, this step also helps ensure that the senior’s safety stays intact. Motion-activated lights help spot suspicious activity and stop it in its tracks. Its features speak for itself: large buttons with back-lit numbers, easy … Things like exercise, a healthy diet, an active social life, and drinking plenty of water drastically cut down on the health risks that face solitary seniors, and make it much easier for seniors to remain safe and happy in their own homes. Create a fall-proof living environment Keep emergency numbers handy Emergency Contact When Living Alone. Other ways to stay personally safe are to: The home can present a lot of dangers for any individual. Attend your … For seniors who live alone, home security is a real concern. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. In the last several years, there have been several new senior alert systems to hit the market. Robin Schiltz, RDH is a Senior Home Safety Specialist, with a certification from Age Safe America . Maybe you live alone, so there is no one living in your home who is available to help you. The ability to get around safely and easily both inside and outside the home is a crucial component of living alone. Do not share your personal information, such as social security number, credit card… 1. His opinion was that burglars wouldn’t come in because they didn’t know if he had a gun. We all know our parents and how timid they get when they see a dirty glass in the sink. As a certified Senior Home Safety Specialist through Age Safe America, a caregiver for her own elderly parents, and a dental care provider for an adult/geriatric practice, she has in-depth knowledge of the rewards and challenges that come with caring for seniors. A healthy lifestyle is your best defense against the numerous risks provided by old age. These are helpful solutions when you find yourself far from a landline phone or need to alert a medical team immediately with a single button.
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